November 4, 2021

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DesignerCon is officially back! This time better than ever. Coming into fruition in 2005, the annual art and design convention reels in the who’s who in the designer toy and vinyl collectibles market, mixing them with everything happening within the fine and urban art space. From artists and retailers to manufacturers and distributors, there’s a place for everyone at DesignerCon.

On the weekend of November 12 – 14, DesignerCon returns to take over the Anaheim Convention Center, located at 800 W Katella Ave. The hype and anticipation are at an all-time high, given last year’s adaption to the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in virtual programming. Now, fans of art and geek culture have the opportunity to relive their DCon dreams both in-person or virtually once again in partnership with Popshop Live.

DesignerCon is deemed “the largest art and toy convention in the United States,” and once you enter the premises it’s immediately evident why. You can expect long halls filled with the most limited-edition drops, offering attendees an exclusive window to purchase the most highly sought-after collectibles, art, toys, and even some NFTs.

This year’s featured artist includes Greg Mike, who designed all of the 8 collectible badges for 2021. Fan favorites are also returning, including MEDICOM TOY from Japan debuting items that can only be purchased at DesignerCon in the States.

Irvine Weekly caught up with founder Ben Goretsky to discuss what it means to be returning this year.

What are you most excited about for this year’s DesignerCon?

The most exciting part is just being able to bring the community back together. It’s been rough for all the artists to not be able to be in front of fans and sell their products and the fans have been craving the ability to come back to the scene, see their friends and meet their favorite artists again. We are keeping it safe based on guidelines, but we’re still excited to bring it all together again in person.

How does it feel to be back after the COVID-19 pandemic?

It feels great. The community has been patiently waiting to come back and more importantly come back in a safe environment. We all know how to stay safe as we go through this “endemic” and our fans, vendors, artists… are all excited to come back within this safe environment.

What’s one exhibit we must see for the weekend?

It’s impossible to just pick one. With vendors like Tristan Eaton, Greg Mike, MEDICOM, Pop Mart, Veve, MightyJaxx… and so many more being at the show, you can’t pick just one must-see exhibit. Everyone’s bringing their best to the show and it’s going to be amazing from all ends of the vendor spectrum. We’re so excited and the fans are as well!

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