November 9, 2021

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Multi-hyphenate millennial renaissance woman Denise Love Hewett has been sending ripples throughout many corners of Hollywood and New York City for years… and most recently, added to her DJ portfolio with the release of her official remix for  “Love Me For Real” by Rim and Kasa. Having spent years DJing in Miami to New York City to Chicago to Los Angeles, Denise is well on her way to becoming a household name.

Her podcast dissecting the interconnection between Hollywood and Spirituality has already earned her praise for her approach to entrepreneurship. She’s spun for the likes of DVF, Gucci, Vanity Fair, Away, Rebecca Minkoff, LACMA, Surf Lodge, LA Pride, Gem and Bolt, and for Oprah, Hilary Duff, Timbaland, Liz Y2K, and others.

With the release of “Love Me For Real,” in collaboration with producer Yung Spielburg, Denise showcases her crate digging ability, reworking an old hidden gem to produce a modernized dance track rooted in original elements of funk and groove. Check out her tricks of the trade below:

What are some of the ways you find sounds to sample in your sets and remixes?

I’m an active listener but it took time. I’ve really trained my ear to tune in to unique sounds, instruments or sections of songs that can add some surprise and delight in a set.

How did you become a DJ, and when and where did it all start? 

In my early 20’s, my dear friend Jeremy Maciak (who’s a longtime A&R exec) and I would send music to each other. He kept saying that I had the best taste in music and that I had to DJ, but I didn’t really know how to begin. One day, he called me and he said “I booked us a residency in Williamsburg.” I said, “Well I guess I have to learn how to DJ.” He really is a brilliant A&R exec, I’ve had a career ever since!

How did this remix come about? What does it mean for you? 

This song struck me when I heard it in a film soundtrack, not only for the magical beat but the lyrics. The chorus lyrics are “I’m not going to be with anybody that’s not going to be with me for real, I’m not going to love anybody that’s not going to love me for real.” That message feels authentic to me but also to the times we live in, where we value empowerment and equality more than ever before. I started playing it in my sets but I kept dreaming of a remix version that could pump up all the elements I loved most about the song.  When the lockdown hit, I called Yung Spielburg, my friend who’s a music producer to see if we could put the stagnation we felt in our daily lives to some creative use. It gives me so much joy that this special song is my first official remix. This song was originally released in 1982 by Rim and Kasa. I hope we bring a wider audience to him and his legacy.

When you’re not DJing, what do you do? How does DJing support the success in your other professional areas? 

I’m a big believer that we don’t have to be one thing, I have an entertainment tech company Scriptd, that uses technology and data to reverse engineer Hollywood to greater inclusion and profits. It led me to start my  podcast, Do the Work with Denise Love Hewett, that focuses on redefining leadership to be more holistic through conversations at the intersection of business and spirituality. DJing has been such an amazing compliment to my endeavors because it feels like flow. When everything else feels stressful, DJing provides a much needed release.

What are your (long term) goals for your DJ career and what can we expect from you soon? 

More remixes! With everything in my life, I try not to focus too much on the outcome. As they say, ‘Expectation is the thief of joy.’ DJing has brought me places I never would’ve expected so I’m excited to see how it continues to unfold.

Favorite fashion designers to wear on stage / in the booth? 

One of the reasons I love DJing is FASHION! I love mixing vintage and designer. I’m constantly looking for unique pieces to add to the repertoire. My favorite designers currently are Rotate Birger Christensen, Prada, Gucci, and The Attico.

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