November 15, 2021

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Rob $tone talks his shit on every single track he releases, and this one is no different. Being one of the only success stories in regards to artists coming out of San Diego, Rob wears his heart on his sleeve, while simultaneously repping for his city. After the viral moment of “Chill Bill,” suddenly the world was hip to not only Rob $tone, but who he is as a person.

Now, the West Coast rapper returns with his newest single titled  “No Handshakes,” tapping Los Angeles native Dom Kennedy. Off the rip Rob spits, “Goofy n*ggas can’t get handshakes, run the play safe, home plate everyday. Let my money talk don’t conversate with damn snakes. Feel like my mama need the world, so I’ma get her straight.”

Rob states, “This record is crazy special to me! Dom’s a real solid dude and legend in the game so to gain his respect and have him rock with me the way he does means a lot. I’d been working on my album BONA FIDE for a minute and when I sent this one to Dom, he said ‘this the one for real’ and sent his part back in a few hours! I was out at Delilah when he sent it and instantly left the table to go get a good listen! Much love and respect to the big homie!”

Rob has had a standout year, with “No Handshakes” following on the heels of his previous releases, ““I Love It” featuring Rubi Rose and “GOSSIP” featuring Too $hort. He even released “All 9 Innings,” which was played through the speakers at Petco Park where the San Diego Padres play.

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