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Exclusive Interview: BILETSKA

December 8, 2021

Introducing Ukraine-born and Nashville-based electronic artist, BILETSKA. Originally from a city called Cherkasy in Ukraine, real name Maryna Biletska got accepted on The Voice, and and had the opportunity to tour Europe with Michael Angelo Batio, the fastest guitar shredder of all time and inventor of the double guitar. This incredible experience helped Maryna to build confidence as a singer and performer.

Read our exclusive interview below!

For those who don’t know, who is BILETSKA?
BILETSKA is a dark pop/electronic project that was made by Maryna Biletska in 2020. It’s still pretty new and Maryna tries to expand the horizons, not wanting to settle down. BILETSKA is a strong, independent, charismatic person, but also not afraid to be emotional and write what she cares about the most.
When did you fall in love with music?
I always was a big music fan, I used to perform in front of my parents with a hairbrush singing and dancing to pop tracks at the age of 5. Then I sang in school choirs and started writing lyrics, and I knew that being a singer was what I wanted most in my life.
Biggest influences?
The genre that had the most impact on me as an artist was glam metal, as weird as it sounds all the glam/hair metal songs are very melodic, structured, and well-produced with catchy lyrics and choruses. When I write songs, I want to be involved with everything, every production note, every instrument. It’s already programmed in my head. I used to be a real glam metal geek lol. My second biggest inspiration was Joan Jett, I admire her and think she revolutionized rock n roll music. Then I got inspired by Lorde. The first time I heard of her, I was watching “gossip girl” and “royals” as the soundtrack to a few episodes. She is still one of my favorite artists. I’m going to see her show for the first time this April at the Grand Ole Opry. Lorde is a great example of majestic background vocals, I cannot imagine my songs without lots of backgrounds vocals.
How would you describe your sound?
Sexy, dark, mysterious, with tasteful background vocals and catchy lead vocals.

What inspired your new song, “OBSTACLES”? 
It’s about addiction. Love addiction and how someone loves you more/less in relationships. Someone is always ready to give up everything in the name of love, while someone else just takes it as it is and never gives you anything back. When you finally take off your rose-colored glasses and see the reality, the truth comes out to the surface. Fights/conclusions/peace for a day, then repeat. But when is it really over? When do you know for sure? Emotions, real emotions inspired this song to come out.
What do you want fans to take away from the record?
That I’m like every other girl that has bad and good days, relationships and breakups. No one is guaranteed of what will happen, but what you can do is live through it and gain a new experience, that is priceless. Life can be very kind if you love yourself and have positive thinking.
What can we expect from your forthcoming pop/electronic project?
I’m currently working on two more songs that I’m planning to record either in December or January, I got in a bit of a financial crisis before Christmas lol. I do have a music video coming out in mid-late January. It’s gonna be my first one and I’m very excited about it. Soon after that, I’m planning on releasing an EP. And finally, put together a band and take over the world 😁

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