December 17, 2021

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When November/December rolls around, most of us are feeling festive and ready to get in the spirit. Whether that’s drinking hot cocoa, checking out the Christmas lights, or watching your favorite cheesy holiday flick, there’s something so magical about this time of year. Star2 captures that magic in his latest release “December.” The winter love song masterfully narrates the beauty of new beginnings and longing for that special someone.

With bold, synth-infused beats and reggae-esque vocals, the track oozes with such raw emotion, effortlessly pulling listeners in. With lyrics like “I wanna be around for December, because you know it gets hella cold in this weather,” we all can relate to that feeling of wanting to have that person you can cozy up to in the chilly months.

The visuals are just as inviting as the song itself. From playing Jenga to decorating the Christmas tree those warm, fuzzy feelings are evoked throughout. Ending with the couple’s long embrace, viewers cannot help but have their hearts melted by this infectious piece. The offering is the ultimate video for anyone looking for those jovial vibes.

Star2 does it all. An Asian-American singer, songwriter and rapper, he constructs a unique genre-melding sound pairing pop, hip-hop and R&B. His charismatic and animated style is truly irresistible with its rich, soulful quality. Star2 is deeply dedicated when it comes to his craft, with a fire to succeed. Much of that may have to do with his tough upbringing as he was born into a refugee camp in Thailand. He eventually moved to San Diego, but his life did not get much easier. Struggling financially living in the inner city definitely came with its challenges. He broke free through creating profound music and is now unstoppable. That fierce passion can be heard in this hypnotizing tune.

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