Tyla Yaweh is on his way to superstardom one hit at a time

December 17, 2021

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Tyla Yaweh is on his way to superstardom. Coming up under the wings of Post Malone gives you the ultimate co-sign, but the Florida-bred recording artist lets his talent speak for itself. Exploding onto the scene with his 2018 smash hit “Gemini,” Tyla caught the attention of music-lovers all around the world, as he displayed his unique sound that blends the genres of pop, R&B, hip hop, and rock.

Fast forward to 2021, the 26-year-old has continuously released hit after hit including “Tommy Lee” with Post Malone, “Stuntin On You” with DaBaby, and “All The Smoke” with Gunna and Wiz Khalifa — all of which can be found on his forthcoming album RAGER BOY.

REVOLT caught up with Tyla Yaweh in the press lounge at Day N Vegas festival to discuss tour life, his new release “Hands Up” and how he linked with Morray, forthcoming collabs and more. Read below!

“Hands Up” featuring Morray out now. Such a beautiful song. How did this collab come about?

Thank you. I just heard his voice on a song that I had, that I recorded already. It was a lot of people that I wanted to get on it, but then I said, “Yo, I’ma get Morray on this.” Because I feel like his vibe, he’s a genuine person. I knew that he would sound very good on the record. I sent it to him, and he sent it back in two hours. He’s like, “I’m doing this right now.” It was dope.

What was your reaction when you heard his verse?

Oh man, I knew it. I said, “Yo, we shooting the video next week.” We shot the video next week (laughs). Just like that.

The video is so powerful. What was your creative vision?

I wanted to make sure it was a lot of emotions in the video, so you could feel it. Know that everybody goes through certain things in life, no matter what it is. Everybody has their hustle. No matter what, you gotta go through it. You gotta get it how you live.

You had the police scene in there. What message were you trying to convey? 

I wanted a message of what human society goes through, no matter what color you are.

Highlights from shooting?

Just being on a cool set. Shooting with some good people, good directors. Shout out to Arrad, they made sure it was amazing.

How’s tour been with Saint JHN? You guys are both super lit.

Every show’s been sold out, so it’s been dope as hell. It’s dope, lit, mad lit. We got the same fanbase, and we’re brothers obviously. It’s our second tour together, and it’s been dope. That’s my dawg. We hang out everyday, talk everyday. It’s been creating history.

What can we expect from your new album RAGER BOY?

A lot of dope features, a lot of dope music. A lot of good stories. Good videos visually, and creatively amazing because I’ve been taking my time on it. Just focusing on the narrative of my story and who I want to be as a legend, a creator. Me, Tyla Yaweh.

You have crazy unreleased music I’m guessing?

Oh, crazy. I’m about to drop a new record with me, PnB Rock, and Trippie Redd. Some more shit. Me and Tory Lanez, more music with me and Posty. I don’t want to give up all the others. It’s amazing.

Is it crazy to make these hits with Post, time after time? “Tommy Lee” is iconic.

Definitely. You’re probably going to see more music on our projects. We make a lot of music together because we’re good friends. And a lot of other people that I’m good friends with — Wiz Khalifa,me and him got loads of music. Tory Lanez, loads of music. The other people, I don’t want to give it up like that.

How does it feel being in the studio with these artists?

Good. Genuine. It’s not like I’m just sending music to people. Everything is natural and organic. We get in the studio, pull up records for each other, vibe out, talk. Everything happens genuinely and organically.

How does it feel to be approaching a billion career streams?

Damn, I’m almost at a billion streams? I just be making music. I don’t look at the streams, I don’t look at the comments. I just release music like, “Yo, let’s keep growing.” These are just babies that are growing up, crawling before they walk. Thank you for letting me know that, forreal.

How does it feel to be a Black man in America today?

We’re kings. We’re gods. We are the beginning and the creators of everything, that’s how I feel. Somebody might have a different opinion, but my opinion, I stick with it. It’s a reason why I call myself Yaweh, because I am what I am. I feel like everyone is a god. We’re a form of Him at the same time — to all become great.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

RAGER BOY coming soon.

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