Toosii is taking in his rise to fame one day at a time

January 10, 2022

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Toosii is in his own lane, and he continues to bless his fans with the most heartfelt, love-stricken, R&B ballads that are jam-packed with emotions. Born in Syracuse, New York, but currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the recording artist has catapulted to the forefront of the music industry, accumulating over one billion combined global streams to date.

Exploding onto the scene with his viral smash “Love Cycle,” which went on to receive a standout remix with Summer Walker, Toosii quickly displayed his talents for the world to see by humbly detailing his own journey from the streets to now selling out shows all around the world. When you’re passionate, talented, and carry a work ethic like Toosii, superstardom is bound to follow.

Fast forward to today, the rising star unveils his newest capsule titled Pretty Girls Love Toosii via South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records. The 3-track project is Toosii’s tribute to women all around the globe. This follows his release of the deluxe to his critically acclaimed mixtape, Thank You For Believing: The Manifestation. 

REVOLT caught up with Toosii to discuss his sold-out tour, inspiration behind his hit “October,” his relationship with his girlfriend, his expensive chains, a forthcoming collab with Future, and more!

What were you going through recording “October”?

“October,” I was going through some stuff at that point. I had some things going on in my relationship and the position I was in, but it’s definitely another one of those days. Another one of those songs. I don’t know, nothing special about it.

How long have you been with your girlfriend?

Me and my girl have almost been together for a year now. We get into a little argument, I’ll go in and make a song. Fasho, every time.

How does your girl feel about that?

She don’t care because I love her. I’m in love with my girl. I’m obsessed with my girl.

How was shooting the music video?

It was special. It was just another day though, everything be another day for me. I take everything day by day. Take it slow. The “October” music video, it’s nothing.

Are those all your cars in the music video?

Oh yeah, fasho. I got probably about six cars. That’s including my little Chevy truck. It ain’t nothin’ though, that’s some old throwback shit.

How much you got around your neck?

Around my neck is $300,000. I’m close to $300,000.

You perform with all that?

Yeah. This $100,000, this $80,000. This pendant right here, this was a gift, but I know this was another $45,000.

Shout out to South Coast Music Group. Fun fact, I actually did PR for DustyStayTrue.

Yeah? Dusty’s crazy! Dusty on tour with me.

I saw that! How does it feel to put on these artists on? Take them on tour with you. You’re in a position to do that now.

It’s a special feeling. I remember coming up and having to be on other people’s tours, so to have people on my tour now is a good feeling.

Were you nervous for your first tour, opening for DaBaby?

Nah, I don’t get nervous. Not at all. Never, ever.

What’s your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform, of course, “Love Cycle.”

How does it feel each time seeing everyone sing the words back?

It’s crazy. It’s like damn, I made it. Wake up and be able to come out here and do this for people who one, don’t know me, or people who do know me, it’s a good feeling.

One thing you want fans to get from Thank You For Believing?

Man, stay consistent. Stay at it, keep going. If you keep going, you can do whatever you want.

How’s it feel to hit one billion streams? 

It’s a good feeling. I don’t know bro, I be taking everyday one step at a time. But, it’s crazy because I can remember being an upcoming artist and ain’t nobody know who I was. So, for me to have a billion streams is like alright bet, I’m doing something.

What’s the reality of the grind?

Man, what humble me every day is waking up and seeing the faces that I started with. Everybody that I’ve been with since day one, they’re all still with me. That’s what humble me every day. That’s the reality to it all.

What can we expect from Pretty Girls Love Toosii?

A whole bunch of slow jams and baby making music. It’s a capsule.


It comes with merch too?

Yeah, fasho. I got some nice merch… You see the little heart girls be doing with their hands? Look for some merch.

How did you get this idea?

Damn, honestly, my fans had gave it to me. A fan had been tweeting me like, “Pretty girls love Toosii.” I’m like damn, that’s true. I took it and I ran with it.

When can we expect new music?

Real soon. You never know with me bro, I’m liable to drop tomorrow. Man, I can do whatever what I want. My label don’t really trip on me. Shout out to Jeff Vaughn.

What are you going to get tatted on your legs?

I don’t know, I’m thinking of some portraits. Some people like Nipsey, Malcolm X, things of that nature. Things that matter to me. My granddaddy, stuff like that.

How does it feel to be a Black man in America today?

Man, it’s crazy. It’s kinda hard but to be a Black man that’s successful, it shows other Black males that they could do the same thing. It’s all about taking it day by day, trying to make a change for each other.

I feel like you don’t do a lot of collabs. Do you have some stuff in the works?

Yeah, I do. I got some big features. I got something with Pluto, with Future. I’ll tell y’all about that one. Me and Future locked in the studio, we was making songs back to back.

I know he can record off the dome…

I’m the same way. I’m talking about we making songs in 15 minutes. We made a few [songs].

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