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Exclusive Interview: The Ian Moore

May 27, 2022
The Ian Moore is excited as ever to be unveiling his highly-anticipated debut album, INFINITY FOREVER. Based in St. Louis, the recording artist is best known for his cross of early 2000’s alternative mixed with emotional leaning hip-hop. The new project is spearheaded by lead singles “Do It Alone,” and “GODLIKE” featuring buzzing rapper Futuristic. INFINITY FOREVER serves as the third and final project, dedicated to Ian’s late brother and grandfather. Thankfully, music would be Ian’s saving grace to deal and cope with the unfortunately losses in his life.
Read our exclusive interview below!

For those who don’t know, who is The Ian Moore?

Just some dumb kid from St. Louis who likes to crack jokes and create awesome things. Someone with dreams to make music, movies, books, and everything in between. Someone who is gonna work everyday until that happens because in the end it really isn’t work if its what you love to do.
How would you describe your sound?
It definitely changes as I mature as an artist. I can say my biggest influences typically are Logic, Kendrick, and Eminem but I went a different route this time and tackled some more R&B avenues. This album feels more like alternative rap. It’s hard to categorize but I’d say alternative rap/R&B. But trust me, there is that hard hitting hip-hop sound in there as well.
Where are you from originally? How does that influence you?
I’m from St. Louis born and raised. The people I’ve been around and grew up around helped shape me into what I am today. Without those people and the experiences I’ve had in my life, I don’t think I would’ve grown up the way I am. I’d have different goals, dreams, and aspirations.
Biggest influences?
Eminem, Kanye, Kendrick, Logic, J Cole genuinely. Those artist are in my most regular rotation. However for this album I wanted to add something new. I wanted to throw some Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish, Don Toliver, Joji, Quadeca, and Bon Iver in there… find a blend of everything.
At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?
I think the moment my brother passed away was when I decided, “Hey, you might as well go for it. Why not?” I think he’d want me to and tomorrow is never guaranteed. If you’re going to live life, live it doing what you love.
What was the inspiration behind your name?
Well, I never really wanted a rap name. I just wanted to be me and go by my name, but the issue was is that there are a few Ian Moore’s out there already, like the incredibly talented musician. So, I needed something to stand out, even if it’s just a little. I knew there was nobody else like me. I knew I was different from the rest. So “The” in front of my real name represents that I am the one and only person in the world thats like me. As cliche and cheesy as that is, it’s too late to change it now. [laughs]

New album Infinity Forever out now, how are you feeling?
I’m feeling incredible, feels like there re a5000 pounds lifted off my shoulders. It’s been several years in the making so it feels good for it to finally be out in people’s hands. I hope people see the growth and enjoy the music. Enjoy the message. I am excited for the next chapter.
What does it mean to dedicate a project to your late brother and grandfather?
It means a lot. It will always mean a lot. It was important for me to do it to express the emotions I was feelings. Its therapeutic for me. I hope its therapeutic for people going through something similar. I just feel good, I feel really good.
What songs mean the most to you and why?
The outro, “See You In Heaven” obviously has a massive impact. It’s meant to be the conclusion to the trilogy of albums. It’s meant to be a conclusion on this grief I have. It’s meant to be the symbolism of acceptance. That means a lot to me.
What is it you want fans to get from the project?
For people who may not be able to relate to the core theme of grief then there is still something for them. I hope they enjoy their times. Enjoy the stories. Enjoy the songs. For people who may be able to relate, then I hope you find acceptance. Or find hope that it will get better.
How was it linking with Futuristic on GODLIKE?
It meant a lot to me. My brother was a massive fan of his so this made sense in that area. I also learned so much from that experience and I am grateful he was on the project. I hope to potentially work with him in the future, he’s an unbelievably talented and down to earth individual. Super awesome experience
Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
I have a lot of goals. Ive written a lot of them down actually, kinda like stepping stones. I think right now the main goal is to build a fanbase and be able to do music full time as career. But as far as stepping stones to get to that point, I want to pass a million streams. Which I think is gonna happen here pretty soon which is awesome. I want to go on a tour of some kind. And I want to work with a list of artist I have picked out. Thats my immediate goals. In the end, I just want to create and live off of that. Creating is something I love and want to do full time

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