Dizzy Wright On New Album ‘Dizzyland’ & How Marijuana Improves His Life

June 21, 2022

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If you’re smoking and you need some music recommendations, look no further than Dizzy Wright. A fan favorite in the category of stoner rap, the rapper and cannabis connoisseur is best known for pushing positivity in his music. Wright stands for something greater than just putting together rhymes. His whole aura and energy is both inspirational and motivational, effortlessly giving listeners that nudge that they too can also live a life in prosperity.

With the acceptance of cannabis and cannabis culture finally coming around, Wright continues to use the flower as a means of creativity, as well as relief from the life stressors that continue to plague us all. For a decade straight, Dizzy has been blessing his fans with a project every single year, recently celebrating 10 years of his debut album Smokeout Conversations.

Album cover of a rollercoaster coming out of a mouth with two black men smoking inside the train with the words  “Dizzy Wright“ and “DJ Hoppa“ in the right corner.

Dizzy Wright’s newest album, Dizzyland, has dropped and fans are stoked. photo credit

With the release of his newest project, Dizzyland, collaboration with frequent collaborator DJ Hoppa, Dizzy once again proves why he’ll forever be recognized as one of the greats. The 12-track project is spearheaded by lead singles “Escape,” “24 Hours” [ft. Xzhibit], and “Promoter” [ft. B-Real and Man Like Devin].

PotGuide caught up with Dizzy Wright virtually, who was living his best life bowling, in sunny Los Angeles on his off day, as he embarks on his newest headlining tour. Read below as we discuss his new project, how weed improves his life and his music, collaborating with Xzibit, why he doesn’t get munchies anymore, having his own weed strain, celebrating 10 years of Smokeout Conversations, being a father, and more!

PotGuide Interviews Dizzy Wright

[Shirely Ju]: New album Dizzyland is out now! Fans have been waiting, how are you feeling?

[Dizzy Wright]: Yeah, the new album is out now. I’m feeling good, feeling blessed. I’m back out here on the road. First time doing my own tour since this whole pandemic thing so I’m feeling good. Feeling healthy, feeling blessed.

[SJ]: This is the first time you and DJ Hoppa have done a project together? That’s wild.

[DW]: It’s been a f*cking process. I’m going into a different stage of my artistry. Like I’ve always mixed the producers together on all my projects. I felt like the best way to give the fans the versatility was to f*ck with the different producers that I enjoy and put them all on the same project, give the fans that collection of music.

Now, I’m going into a different stage where I want my fans to be able to identify with the producers that they enjoy the most. I got a lot of fans that like the music I make with Hoppa, so I wanted to have a project that they could gravitate towards and they could feel proud about that.

Even though they might love the other stuff I do, they might love this stuff I create with Hoppa. I’ma do a couple different projects with a few different producers, I just wanted to kick it off with DJ Hoppa because that’s my mans.

[SJ]: How much weed was smoked in creating this album?

Black man with mic up to his mouth and hand in front of his face

Dizzy Wright continues to be a huge cannabis advocate and it is spelled out in his music. photo credit

[DW]: Shit. [laughs] Too much weed. Whole lotta weed. To be honest with you, I recorded a lot of it at my crib. Hoppa was cooking up them beats for me. I had so much time at the crib, I was able to really dive in some of those records the way that I wanted to. Shit, I was pretty much the weed. I had a big ass bag of weed all the time.

[SJ]: How does cannabis improve your life?

[DW]: In so many ways, it keeps me grounded and motivated. It helps me layer things out the way I can approach and attack them the perfect way for me. Marijuana helps me ease through the things I need to do. Everyone has things they need to do and handle, marijuana helps me get through that shit. Feeling grounded. Even when I’m in a pressured moment, I don’t really feel the pressure. I can get through it without all the extra emotions that we sometimes put on ourselves. I’m definitely an advocate fasho.

[SJ]: How do you feel like it influences your music?

[DW]: Life really influences my music, marijuana just so happens to be a part of it. It really keeps me grounded, helps me see things differently sometimes. Life, living, the experience, that’s really what impacts my music. Marijuana just makes a n*gga feel good.

[SJ]: I love your song “Escape.” What were you going through with this one?

[DW]: I appreciate that. I actually recorded that first verse of “Escape” back in 2019, then I recorded the second verse this year. There was a little gap for that record, but I was really trying to figure out where I wanted to take that record. My boy Trent came in and sang that hook, really helped bring it in where it needed to be.

[SJ]: Talk about linking with Xzibit on “24 Hours,” that’s legendary.

[DW]: It was fire, Xzhbit’s my guy. I got to record my Growing Process album in his studio back in 2015. I wanted him on that album, but I couldn’t find a song hard enough for that fool at the time. I’m like “look man, I ain’t gon hold you. I can’t get a beat that I thought was hard enough.”

All the producers were giving me stuff they felt was “Dizzy Wright’s shit.” That smoove, poetic shit, I wasn’t tryna get X on nothing like that. I wanted some hard shit for him. It’s crazy all these years later, I heard that beat and instantly heard him on it. I’m glad he felt the same way and blessed me with a verse.

[SJ]: What was your reaction when you heard that verse back?

[DW]: I was tripping like a motherf*cka! He sent that shit back fast as hell too. I sent that shit to him and he sent that verse back the very next day. I couldn’t believe that shit.

[SJ]: When artists tell me that, there’s no way. People wait years to get a verse back, that’s crazy.

[DW]: Yeah, I was like hold on! He sent this mf back quick as fuck and it was hard. N*gga said “I headbutt the blunt,” I couldn’t believe it. [laughs]

[SJ]: I actually interviewed B Real for PotGuide last time, how was it collaborating with him on “Promoter”?

[DW]: I’m most excited because I haven’t been able to give my fans the concept videos that they deserve, that brings the music to life. On the backend, I was going through a whole lot of shit and I finally bought my masters back. Getting my masters back allowed me to maneuver a lot better and do some things. I’m excited to show the fans what I’m capable of and what I can bring to the table with some extra support behind me. I’ve been building my team up and getting everything back where it needs to be.

silhouette of a man filming a concert show

Dizzy Wright hopes to show his fans a new wave of music videos he has envisioned. photo credit

I was able to come up with a dope concept with some videographers, it’s a next level video. Concept video. We wanted to bring some humor, because I’m coming from a real approach and I didn’t want to feed into the stereotypical stoner criticism. Smoking and being lazy, shit like that, but I wanted to have some humor and show my personality. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to broadcast that as well as I’ve wanted to over the last couple of years. Now, I’m getting back in that rhythm of things. I’m excited for my fans to see me get back into the groove.

[SJ]: What does it mean to have your own weed strain, Dizzy OG, just being one of the pioneers of stoner rap?

[DW]: I appreciate that, I love having my weed strain. It’s been fire. It started with the Dizzy OG. Honestly I don’t even remember when we started, it was 2014 maybe? Started with Dizzy OG, Crown Genetics, Crown OG. It’s been a beautiful journey with them. Watching the weed industry become what it is, I’m happy to be a part of it. As far as Vegas goes, I work with Redwood Cultivation, they grow all my strains. They grow some fire for me. A lot of different dispensaries pick us up and show us love, but you know Jardin is one of the ones. I’m actually rocking my Jardin shirt right now.

[SJ]: Shout out to Jardin! Love them.

[DW]: It’s been fire having my strains in Vegas too. I got a couple different ones that have hit the streets. Vegas isn’t like the Dizzy OG. The Dizzy OG became my one strain in California that I wanted to get behind, push and really turn into something. In Vegas, I wanted to give them different flavors and different things that I enjoyed smoking. So I did it a lil different in Vegas, but it’s been fire.

[SJ]: You’re healthier, so what’re your favorite munchies?

[DW]: I don’t really get the munchies no more, which is fucking weird. Damn, I haven’t been snacking. I don’t really snack. [laughs] I eat all kinds of stuff, but I like the plant based substitutes. I’m really just on the fruit if I’m really snackin, but I don’t like to snack like that. I just be on the fruit.

[SJ]: I was interviewing Toosii and he said he can’t eat before he performs.

[DW]: I don’t really eat right before stage either, a n*gga go out there and be a little sluggish. But I’m definitely smoking and drinking before that set. I be having a lil buzz kicking in.

[SJ]: How was that festival with Devin the Dude?

[DW]: The festival was fire. Not to discredit them brothers, but it was slightly weird because they had a VIP section they wanted to get people to be in front of the stage. Mad people didn’t want to do the VIP thing so people were far, but other than that it was cool. Being able to see Devin is always a pleasure for me because I grew up on that harmonizing shit. To be able to see it live and see an artist be able to sing and harmonize live, that shit’s always super impressive to me.

Black man preforming on stage with hands in the air and lights in the background that are purple and blue creating a silhouette.

Dizzy Wright is on tour now.photo credit


[SJ]: Anything else you want to let the people know while we’re here?

[DW]: I’m on tour right now. I don’t know where y’all at but if I’ma be anywhere near you, come out and check out the show. We got a great show. It’s my 10-year anniversary of my first album, so 10 years later I’m still out here.

[SJ]: Smokeout Conversations! What was Dizzy like back then?

[DW]: Aw man, green. I remember asking my manager at the time I dropped Smokeout Conversations:”Yo when I drop this, you think I’m gonna be able to tour?” He’s like “shit, I don’t know. We’re gonna have to see if they like it.” I’m like “alright cool.” I ended up getting booked for 46 shows for my first tour, I was super proud of that. It gave me the motivation and ambition I needed to go this decade, do this decade of independent music.

But back then, I was similar to how I am now. I know what I want to do now, I know where I’m going. I know what I want to accomplish now. Back then, I just wanted to be a rapper. I didn’t know everything that came with it. Wasn’t thinking about being a businessman or really having a brand or movement. I just wanted to put out positive energy, smoke weed, and be able to take care of my daughter. 10 years later, I’m on a motherfucking mission now.

[SJ]: With a newborn too, right?

[DW]: Yeah, I got 3 babies now.11,7 and 2.5 months. I’m papa Dizzy now! It’s a beautiful thing. They keep me humble and grounded as well. I always have something I can lean on whenever life starts getting a little crazy. I always got them kids, my family. It’s a beautiful thing to have. You gotta have that foundation.

[SJ]: Last question, do you have a weed man in every city?

[DW]: Almost, yup. I don’t think I have one in Maine or something. [laughs] Anywhere on the West Coast, yeah I have a weed man everywhere. 10 years of traveling, 10 years of doing this the independent way. Getting out here, I fuck with the people. I come out and shake their hands. I don’t ever stunt on them so when I come back, the love be there. I just tap back in with the same ones who used to fuck with me the last time.

Thank you, Dizzy Wright, for taking the time to speak with PotGuide!

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