40 Tons: A Cannabis Brand Making a Difference (Part 1)

July 22, 2022

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An organization called 40 Tons is setting the bar high when it comes to cannabis with a purpose. Bringing new levels to the term “socially conscious,” the Black and woman-owned cannabis company was created to serve all those impacted by the system, from cannabis prisons to victims of the war on drugs to their families and loved ones.

With cannabis booming into a billion-dollar industry that’s been thriving from California to all over the globe, 40 Tons was created by the same legacy operators who have been fighting the good fight to break the negative stigma of cannabis. In fact, over 40,000 inmates are still incarcerated to this day for marijuana charges and convictions — which is baffling to think given the legalization of cannabis in over 19 states in the country.

The Mission of 40 Tons

40 Tons’ mission is to “break the chains of these injustices stemming from prohibition,” with every purchase helping cannabis prisoners fight their unfair sentences, engage in restorative justice, and work towards living an equitable life once they are released from jail and be able to return to their families.


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