Looking Back: 4/20 With Rubi Rose and Plant Galaxy

August 9, 2022

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If you’re a stoner like me, you’re probably looking forward to one day out of the entire year: 4/20. The official holiday for marijuana lovers across the world, April 20th marks the day that everyone celebrates the flower and all its beauty. In fact, true cannabis connoisseurs and lovers are most likely celebrating all month long.

So where exactly did 4/20 originate? Well, there are a couple of theories. One tale goes, back in 1971, a group of 5 high school students in San Rafael, California embarked on an adventure to find an abandoned cannabis crop, using the term “4:20” as their code. Their meeting time? 4:20pm. While they never found the crop, 4:20pm eventually became the universal term for consuming cannabis.

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