Introducing Chefs & Clefs, the brainchild of Chef Joi Fowler and her boyfriend Ronnie Young Jr., bringing you an unforgettable pop-up culinary and entertainment experience that will leave you longing for more. The theme? Food for the soul, and music for the heart.

This dinner series was made to showcase well-respected chefs and some of music’s most talented hidden gems, bringing together the worlds of food and live music into one perfect melting pot. The goal is to change the scenery for each event, simultaneously giving attendees the greatest dining hospitality through innovation and inspiration.

In describing Chefs & Clefs, Joi states it’s  “happiness on a plate. It’s giving you an experience, it’s giving you life, it’s giving you love. It’s giving you everything.”

Joi’s background in cooking dates back to when she was a child, spending time in her grandmother’s kitchen. Since then, she’s been spreading “joy” via her gourmet meals, catering to people’s taste buds and appetites from all over the world. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Joi is now an in-demand executive chef based in Los Angeles… and now she’s excited as ever to be making her appearance on Food Network — a television channel she dreamt of being on one day.

Sheen spoke with Chef Joi in the midst of her busy work day, cooking an elaborate 10-course meal for all the good people at October’s Place in Los Angeles.

How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking since 2017 and I have been going strong with this thing ever since. It didn’t start that way, but hey, I’m here now! I’m super excited.

Talk about this beautiful event we’re at!

This event is to celebrate my cooking show on Food Network. I did a cooking competition show called Supermarket Stakeout. That’s the show that I aired on. I’m in Episode 24, called Hearty and Happy. It’s because of me, Chef Joi.

Did you win?

I got second. But it’s never nothing, I’m always first. It was fun. The goal is to be the next face of Food Network, hopefully I can get there.

The menu looks so epic today, I see you running around delivering the entrees.

The menu today features some of the things that I experienced during the show, whether it was ups, downs, sad things or bad things. It was such a whirlwind, so this menu speaks to every experience I had throughout the show.

What is your favorite dish today?

I think the hit is the avocado tacos! You know I’m not really a vegan chef, so I went for it and the people loved it. Hey, I might get more into vegan.

What’s the inspiration behind the “In My Bag” chicken pot pie?

The In My Bag, it reminds me of a grocery bag. So I want people to open it up, experience the pot pie, taste it, get into all that. It reminds me of a shopping bag.

Top 5 dishes to make? 

My top dish to make is my fried chicken; I love making it. People call it methadone chicken, I don’t know if I can speak on that. [laughs] I love to make Asian flavored foods. I love to make soul egg rolls with collard greens, smoked turkey. I do a soy cranberry sauce to go with it, so it’s a mix of Asian and Southern. I like to do a lot of creative shit.

How did you learn how to cook?

From my mom! She’s in the back.

How did you and Gangsta Boo meet?

That’s my girl! That’s my bestie. We met through a mutual friend, we have been friends ever since.

How does It feel to be able to support each other? 

We always gon’ do that, that’s my girl! Listen. If she sold water to a whale, I’m showing up and telling people it’s the best water you done ever had!

What services do you provide? 

I do everything from personal chef to catering to meal prep. I do events, I do festivals, I do concerts. Whatever it is that needs some food and maybe a little bit of music, count me in!

What’re you most excited for next?

I want to be the next face of Food Network. I want to be the new fresh young girl poppin’! That’s the goal. Merch, apps, I just want to take over. Brand this thing out baby.

What inspired the Chefs & Clefs brand? 

Chefs &Clefs is a company created with me and my boyfriend, BlameRonnie. He’s the musician and I’m the chef, that’s where we came up with Chefs & Clefs like a treble clef. It’s the combination of food and music. We do these dinner series where we provide food and music, and of course meals.

Anything else you’d like to let people know? 

I want people to check me out @Joi2duhworld or @chefsandclefs. I want them to check me out, see all the new things I’m doing. Hit me up for any personal things you might want me to do. I’m always open and ready to work!