How Carson Lueders Landed A Standout Feature From Quavo On His Single: TOXIC

December 19, 2022

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Carson Lueders is only 21 years old, and already has one of the biggest features he could get in the rap game. With the release of “TOXIC” featuring Quavo, Carson solidified his name in the music industry, proving that dreams really do come true if you work hard, stay passionate, and stay true to yourself. “TOXIC” even peaked as the fourth most added record at Urban Radio.

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Carson Lueders fell in love with music at a super early age, picking up the guitar at just 5 years old. And while his peers were focused on music and school, Carson made it a point to release his debut single.

Carson explains,

“If I could say one thing about my music, I’d say that it solely tries to represent good energy, good vibes, and really brings people happiness.”

Fast forward to today, Carson’s career continues to impress. With a combined 14 million followers across all his social media accounts, Carson even appeared with country legend Keith Urban on The View, and had the rare opportunity to work with Timbaland.

The Fox Magazine spoke with Carson Lueders in downtown Los Angeles, moments before he stepped onto B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumb podcast. Read below as we discuss his background, signing to a major, how he got Quavo on “TOXIC,” friendship with Floyd Mayweather, and more!

Being from Spokane, Washington, what was that like growing up?

Being from Spokane is cool. It’s definitely a different vibe than LA, just because it’s a little bit more laidback. Not as fast, but it’s awesome. I grew up out in the wilderness, just exploring, so it’s really cool.

When’d you fall in love with music?

I fell in love with music at a very young age. I got my first guitar when I was five, then started building on that. Started singing and got a couple original records going. Started releasing those, then got signed to a label.

What label?

I was signed to Def Jam. Now, I’m fully independent. That’s how I put out the record with Quavo. We’re just excited to see what opportunities come next.

Definitely want to talk about “Toxic”! What a standout collab.

Let’s do it! “Toxic” featuring Quavo is out now. I love that song just because it’s so catchy.


How did Quavo end up on the record?

It was laidback when I made it. I wasn’t sweating the song too much, then I thought, “Man! This could be dope with the right feature on it.” My manager was on the plane, sitting next to Quavo. They ended up FaceTiming me. I FaceTimed Quavo for a bit, then sent him the record and he got on.

Did you think it’d be that easy? 

No, definitely not. But I had met Quavo a couple years before, so he recognized me. He knew who I was. I was on the set of The Rap Game with Jermaine Dupri. I wasn’t in it, I was just in there as a special guest.

That’s how Latto got poppin’, right?

Yeah, Latto and The Prince of New York. Some other people from there.

Did you ever think you’d have a song with one of the biggest rappers out?

No, I didn’t! Honestly, I’m blessed and excited for this opportunity. To be able to be an independent artist and put a record out with Quavo is a pretty big achievement for me because I use my hard-earned money to get a feature and a music video. I’m funding this myself, so definitely not a handout.

How does it feel to have the fourth most added record in the country for a “white boy” on urban radio?

Yo! It’s crazy because that’s something I’ve only dreamed of doing. We beat Cardi B and GloRilla, a bunch of these other people. Two weeks in a row! We were #4, so I’m really excited. We’re Top 60 on the charts right now. We’re trying to get top 40. If we get top 40, then we keep going.

You have a big social media following, what is the key to building a fanbase?

The key to building a social media following has gotta be consistency. Giving your fanbase or supporters something to see, whether that’s a photo, video, or a song. Being consistent, going Live, interacting with them. They love to be interacted with. Social media is so important that you obtain that algorithm these days. Staying active and posting, staying engaged.

Did you have a video go viral…?

Yeah, I had a couple videos go viral when I was really young. Once those videos blew up, it was a little bit more of doing collabs and stuff like that.

What were the first videos that went viral?

A few covers of a Keith Urban video, because I was doing country music. One of Justin Bieber’s went off, Shawn Mendez, and someone else.

The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, who or what inspires you the most?

Right now, Kanye inspires me. I love Kanye. Not politically. Not his political views, but fashion-wise. Purely fashion alone, I love Kanye. Drake is always a big inspo. I love Drake.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Someone would be surprised to know how easy-going I am. I’m a kid at heart, and I like to have fun. Growing up, I’d love to ride bikes. I raced motocross, played sports. Basketball, football, pretty much anything.

How did you end up with Floyd Mayweather?

I’ve known Floyd for a while now, that’s another friend of mine. I met Floyd years ago in New York and traveled around with him for a little bit. Jerry, my manager, has known Floyd for 20 plus years. They’re family. But Floyd is purely, strictly just relationship. We haven’t paid Floyd anything, and he doesn’t need anything. He’s purely a relationship, and he really is invested in me.


You sound like you have a plugged-in manager.

Thank you. Shout out to Jerry! Jerry Stokes, I’ve been working with him for years now. I really started working with him three or four years ago when he put me in Chris Brown’s music video.

What were you doing in it?

I was the kid next door, and there was a robbery going on so I stuck my head out the window. Crazy. It’s called “Jiu Jitsu” by OneInThe4Rest featuring Chris Brown. It’s dope.

What’s your best advice for aspiring musicians?

Follow your dreams. Really put yourself out there, and you can’t get hung up on what anyone says about you.

Try to lock into a sound, get that sound going and stick to it.

Any goals for yourself as an artist at this point in your career?

The goals for myself are to be able to build streaming. I was very new back on Spotify because when I split with the major label, I was coming back to releasing music independently. We jumped from 28K monthly listeners on Spotify to now 170K, all within a couple of weeks. I know it’s not crazy numbers, but it’s definitely happening in these few weeks. I’m so excited.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Follow your dreams and put yourself out there. Go after what your heart desires. Whether that’s music or art, or anything specific, really follow your dreams and put yourself out there.

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