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Exclusive Interview: Bxndchrist

December 22, 2022

Bxndchrist is next up out of Cleveland, Ohio, and he’s letting his music speak for itself. Originally from Puerto Rico, but growing up in the westside of Cleveland, Bxndchrist aka Chiko has been taking music seriously for a year now. Having been through hell and back, the rising star wears his heart on his sleeve in his music, and each release is a reminder of the overall goal of impacting audiences all around the world. As a bonus, making music serves as his therapy too.

Most recently, Bxndchrist unveiled his newest single and visual for “BABY BROWSER,” giving a subtle reminder that “the money is coming.”

Read our exclusive interview below!
How’d you get into music and fashion?
 I started off throwing house parties, to getting a hand me down blue mic my brother got from his friends and setting up a home studio in my mom’s basement we could all record on. I was in an out of the juvenile prison system all my teenage years. By the time I was 18 ,my name was ringing around the city for my insane parties and always putting that shit on. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 ,which I battled with for almost 3 years alone in Tennessee. While in Tennessee, I was blessed to meet my right hand man Turbo. It was meant to be. Turbo was already tied in with most of my friends in LA thru a recording studio, and previously recorded an EP for Zellyocho. We instantly connected and spent the next 6 to 8 months, day in and night out helping me recreate my sound. He showed me the ropes on how to record myself and use my wordplay to my advantage to explain my story mor. During Covid, I started my own clothing brand with my brother who is currently incarcerated called Loyalty over Love. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to continue my rise to the top while trying to uplift the trenches by being myself and opening new doors for fellow artists in Cleveland on the rise. I’m currently independent with 1400vlad ties. Zellyocho being my childhood best friend, I like to say I am vlad!
How would you describe your sound?
My sound rn? It’s hard to put a label. I like to call it hyper pop soul trap rage vibes, or just VLAD ! I’m pretty much using my wordplay in my advantage to be able to deliver catchy phrases, while pouring my feelings on the beat and capturing the glimpse of the rise. I use music to escape my real life, day to day bullshit!
You’re from Cleveland, how does that play into your life and career?
Cleveland stands for everything I do. I came back home to make sure we blow up here, I wouldn’t want it any other way. So much history behind it from disappointing sports teams to one of the highest crime cities in the US history of neglect and poverty. I tend to count up my blessings and being able to have the opportunity to take it to the next level means everything to me. Coming up looking up to nothing, but my brothers and family are all we got!
Biggest influences?
My biggest influence has to be my mom, being a single mother in the trenches being able to manage 5 kids and never once complain has giving me the drive to strive for greatness. On the music side, I have to say Playboi Carti , Lil Uzi, Drake officially and Kanye’s creative mind set. But honestly, I just listen to my brothers on the music side: Zellyocho , Chxpo , STR8Drop , SaintBxndz’s , sig.Carlitos and rushhybandxz!
At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal? 
I realized it in Seattle about a year ago on my birthday, Zellyocho had me come on a mini tour with him . I was able to experience LA , Cleveland, and Seattle then Tennessee in one weekend. I remember Zelly telling me this is where you belong , all this is for us. Only thing stopping you is you. I came back home and my little brother Tony got sentenced to 7 years in prison, I locked in ever since and haven’t looked back! I can’t keep loosing my brothers to the streets nor the system, it’s time we break the curse!
What was the inspiration behind your name?
My name originally came from one of my childhood best friend and rapper Marii Jetxz, who was shot in the head by one of my best friends Polo G at the age of 15 years. Till this day, I never understood the impact it did to me growing up, but I promised myself as long as I lived his name will remain lit. 🔥 To be honest, it  stuck right with me. It’s like I was meant for the name.
You just released “Baby Bowser,” what inspired this record? 
I’ve been working with a new engineer yaymadeit for the whole summer of 2022. It’s funny, I made “Baby Bowser” right after I wrecked my Mercedes Benz’s with my girlfriend an checked out the hospital. I know I wanted to express what I was going through, but at the same time hide it. We made 3 songs that night, “Baby Bowser” being the last one. As soon as we were done recording it, we knew it was gone be one of the ones. I still remember yay telling me “you on some – Chiko. This is on Zellyocho’s, sig.Carlitos frequency.” My girl literally sat with me inside the booth the whole session trying to medicate and numb the pain behind the crash
Best memory from the video shoot?
We actually shot two videos that night , shout out my brother Plays for booking a handicap. Hotel room and going crazy on the treadmill, shit was hilarious.
What is it you want fans to get from your story? 
No matter what life throws at you, never stop being who you are. Never stop believing. Hard times don’t last, we do. In the midst of chaos, believe in the stars and if you put in the work, you can be one too !
What are you most excited for next?
I have a release coming out on Christmas with my brother STR8Drop called “GREWUP,” also shot by HennyHonky. Building the hype around my album dropping in 2023, and long anticipated single “Realized Frozen” shot by FlowermouthFilms. The new years is being in a new sound and wave into the vlad world play, but overall  just being able to give the world an insight of what life can be if you strive for greatness! With the right team around you, the sky is the limit. One day at time, one fight at time. If you believe  🫵🏽  can 🐝 a ⭐️  If  🫵🏽 want ✌🏾.

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