Codefendants Drop “Fast Ones” ft. D.O.C.

May 4, 2023
There are albums, and there are experiences. Codefendants gripping release, This Is Crime Wave, sits squarely in the latter.
Comprised of MC Ceschi Ramos, Bay Area Punk rocker Sam King, and NoFX legend Fat Mike, Codefendants assembled a 10 track tour de awesome called This Is Crime Wave—a fluid hip hop and punk amalgamation that moves like a trip into the dark center of their worlds while taking aim at a predatory prison system and a systemic pattern of trauma begetting trauma.
The first single released from This Is Crime Wave is “Fast Ones,” featuring D.O.C. delivering his first recorded verse in 19 years.
Watch “Fast Ones” below and take a listen to This Is Crime Wave.

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