Greenwolf’s Epic Zalympix Los Angeles Event Features Gucci Mane, Berner, Xzibit And World’s Best Growers

June 21, 2023

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If you were in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 17th, there was only one place to be: the Zalympix. Taking over City Market Social House in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District, the highly-anticipated event reeled in the who’s who in both music and cannabis, creating a festival-esque environment that allowed for an unforgettable evening of live music, networking, food vendors, and of course, the most fire cannabis you’ll ever find.

Sluggers at Zalympix Los Angeles (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

What Is Greenwolf’s Zalympix?

Created by popular cannabis brand Greenwolf back in 2020, Zalympix has positioned itself to be the largest weed competition to date, setting themselves apart as the premiere platform for recognizing and celebrating the world’s best growers. Originally launched as the Zalympix People’s Choice Awards, Greenwolf quickly discovered the value in bridging the gap between consumers and brands, by allowing consumers to weigh in on their favorite strains and products.

Which is the main selling point here: the actual people get to vote and pick the winners. With the purchase of “the Zalympix judge kit,” you’re able to test all the entries, which typically come in the form of an ounce of flower. You’re then able to cast your vote in the following categoriesBEST LOOKING, MOST POTENT, MOST UNIQUE, BEST TASTING, BEST TERPS, GASSIEST FLOWER, and BEST OVERALL.

Berner onstage at Zalympix Los Angeles (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Greenwolf’s Zalympix Features Star Power: Gucci Mane, Berner, Xzibit, And Demrick

The event presented an all-star bill of musical performances: Gucci ManeBernerXzibit, and Demrick – proof that cannabis parties will always trump everything else. Given the star caliber, the event reached capacity by 9PM, to the point that the fire marshalls refused to let anybody inside. (Welcome to Los Angeles!)

Which Sponsors And Cannabis Brands Presented At Greenwolf’s Zalympix?

But those lucky enough to pass through the velvet ropes saw a fantastic array of brands and exhibitors, headlined by premier sponsors ShootersWeedmapsSticker Mania, and Blazr. Among the culture-defining sponsors were A Golden StateAlien LabsBig ChiefBuddy’s BodegaCaliKush FarmsCookiesDee ThaiDr. DabberDojaFidel’sGavitaGottiJelly WizardMaven GeneticsSeed JunkySerge CannabisSluggersSugar HighThe Astor ClubThe Smugglers ClubThe TENCo / ZushiWest Coast GeneticsWizard Trees, and many more.

Adam Bregman, co-founder of Greenwolf states, “The highlight of the event was the sheer volume of people who showed up to the event to support and celebrate cannabis, many who traveled from other states to be part of this epic event. It was an honor to shine a light on some of the best growers and brands in the industry who participated in the Zalympix competition, where people who bought the judge’s kit selected the winners by voting. It was also a privilege to support all the great cannabis brands who set up activations by providing them an exciting platform to get their products directly into the hands of consumers who appreciate the best cannabis.”

Coi Leray with the trophy for Best Overall and Best Tasting (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Highlights Of Greenwolf’s Zalympix Los Angeles: Coi Leray, Berner’s Weed, And Gucci Mane’s Tunes

A highlight of the evening arrived when chart-topping artist Coi Leray got on stage to say a few words, celebrating the trophy for BEST OVERALL and BEST TASTING awarded to The TENCo’s Blue Zushi, the sister strain of her Pink Zushi brand. Blue Zushi, the first of the Zushi strains developed by global leader The TENCo, is the Zkittlez-Kush Mints cross that started it all; the indica-dominant strain is known for its euphoric full-body high. Pink Zushi, which was created in partnership with Coi Leray and launched publicly in January, has been dubbed “unobtanium” by cannabis connoisseurs for its superb quality and high demand.

*Editor’s Note: For Honeysuckle’s exclusive interview with The TENCo founders, click here.

Berner also paid it forward by throwing out mad weed samples and flower into the crowd, while Gucci Mane performed his hit songs such as “Bricks,” “Wasted,” and “Freaky Gurl.”

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