Chicago Upcomer Jaymz V Drops “Hard To Love”

August 1, 2023

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Jaymz V is next up out of Chicago, and he’s excited as ever to be releasing his new song titled “Hard to Love.” The single itself encapsulates the angst of being a new and rising artist, who’s trapped within the walls of a 9 to 5. On top of this stress, turmoil emerges with his significant other.

Having fallen in love with music at a very young age, Jaymz lists Metallica, Lil Wayne, Twista to be his biggest influences, the reason he created music in the first place. Bringing a soulful vibe to his music has allowed him to create his own unique sound that stays true to him, equipped with standout vibrations in his voice and his raspy melodies.

Speaking on what inspired “Hard to Love,” Jaymz V states, “I wrote this song one night while walking home. I had a fight with my significant other and I needed some time away. It was an embodiment of my stress, venting and being honest with myself. The world is cold. Music is my way to pass time and work through things. We as artists spend countless dollars and hours on ideas and journeys, and some go nowhere. But eventually everything will pay off in the end.”

While Jaymz V is new to the scene, he hopes to make an impact locally in Chicago, and eventually the world.

Photo credits: @m.e.s.e.photo

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