Talking Weed With The Pharcyde’s Imani: ‘In the Studio, I Smoke Like a Radiator’

August 15, 2023

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With hip-hop celebrating its 50th birthday this month, it was only right for The Pharcyde to toast the occasion with a headlining concert of its own at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles. After all, nothing beats a hometown show.

South Central natives Fatlip, Slimkid3 and Imani — the members of The Pharcyde —  exploded onto the scene in the early ’90s when the gangsta rap genre was peaking on the West Coast. Their debut album, Bizarre Ride II the Pharycde, recently marked a major milestone, too. Thirty years after its release, it remains a fan favorite alongside classics like “Passin’ Me By,” “Runnin’” and “Drop.”

Los Angeles spoke with Imani, who is the only member of The Pharcyde who consumes cannabis, in the group’s backstage dressing room — where he was rolling up. Respect!

How long have you been smoking?

First time I smoked was in the 10th grade, but I didn’t like it. I was an athlete and I used to dance, I didn’t want it to mess up my breathing. I don’t know, I wasn’t really hip to it.

I smoked it with the wrong people for the first time, you feel me? … Setting is important with a lot of stuff. I went to school in Long Beach and I was smoking with some dudes that I played on the football team with — some gnarly Caucasians. I was from Compton, so I had to learn how to be around gnarly Caucasians.

Later, I started smoking weed by myself. It went from not never smoking weed to smoking weed all the time. I was in my first year in college and realized I wasn’t going to be doing no athletics. [Laughs] I was still dancing. But when I smoked weed, I’m. like, “Oh! Music sounds different. Damn, I can dance all night! It ain’t even messing with my breathing.”

I started getting all into it like, where did it come from? You start reading magazines like High Times; you start seeing documentaries; you running here and there. It’s always some Rasta white dude in the forest with a beard. I started asking questions — because I got OCD, so I gotta figure it out — which took me to growers. I started having hella friends that are growers. Same thing happened with the wax. I started reading about it, then I started making it.

You started making your own concentrates?

Yeah, me and my friends were making wax. I’ve done grown weed, I done smoked weed. I done made wax. I done did whatever, because I had to figure it out. So I love weed. On top of the medicinal side of it, because it has a lot of good things for that. On the topical and internal.

So you dab?

Yeah I dab whenever somebody’s got a rig.

What do you like to smoke?

I like to smoke Backwoods, preferably with a hybrid, indica-dominant. My second choice would be to smoke the roach in a bong. After you smoke the joint, you break it down then put it in the bong. I like that. Then a joint, but I usually rub some wax on the joint papers.

How much do you consume in a day?

I’ve never really counted. It depends on how much I have; it depends on where I’m at. If I’m on the road, it’s a certain kind of smoking. If I’m at the house, it’s different. If I’m in the studio, woo! That’s where I smoke the most. I smoke like a radiator, bro.

Do you roll your own blunts?

I roll my own blunts. I’m not gonna say I’m the best blunt roller, but I can roll pretty fast under any kind of conditions.

Who in hip-hop has the best weed?

I’ve never had anybody’s especially. I know whenever I got weed, I got the best weed around. I’m usually the one who pulls out the shit like, “Woo, I ain’t ever smell some shit like this before!” But I’m not saying it’s my weed, I’m just the connect.

Where do you usually get your weed from?

God. I stopped taking weed with me because, wherever I would go, I’d put the bat signal out and like telepathy, it’d just show up. I’d have no weed, then before I know it, I’m trying to give the weed away because I got too much weed.

Favorite munchies?

Cheese pizza. That’s a no-brainer. I don’t eat meat. I don’t want too much on it, keep it simple. Cold pizza isn’t bad either.

Are edibles on your menu?

I don’t do edibles because they fuck me up too much. I can’t control it or regulate it. It can go either way: you can be really fucked up and you can’t control your limbs, or you’re too sleepy and can’t open your eyes, or you can’t pull your head off the pillow and be upright. I’m good.

Favorite thing to do high?

Meditating. I’ve been drifting on thoughts and connecting thoughts that I had earlier, and I be having wild thoughts. It’s really a mental shift.

Have you ever been arrested for weed?

Yes, I’ve had lots of run-ins with the police, and sometimes they’re cool. But sometimes they’re not cool. I went to jail in New Orleans, for smoking weed in the House of Blues. That was one of my first incidents learning [to] be more aware of your surroundings and the laws. Because in California, you be hella relaxed. They don’t care, no one gives a fuck out here. You go other places, they be, like, “Shit, this ain’t California!”

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