‘Gran Turismo’ Showcases The Reality Of Race Car Driving

August 27, 2023

Wednesday, August 23rd

Hello world! It’s been a MINUTE since I wrote a movie blog. But I got to see an advanced screening of Gran Turismo and actually REALLY enjoyed it! For those who don’t know, it’s the new race car movie that’s out in theaters. The fact that it’s based on a true story drove it home for me, and I highly recommend you go watch!


IMDB plot: Based on the unbelievable, inspiring true story of a team of underdogs – a struggling, working-class gamer, a failed former race car driver, and an idealistic motorsport exec – who risk it all to take on the most elite sport in the world.

What’s funny is everyone’s first reaction when they hear the title is: oh the video game? I wasn’t sure about the history of Gran Turismo, but I do know this movie does an incredible job of showcasing the spot of race car driving. Something I had no idea of. The dangers and risks involved are honestly mind-blowing. The fact that this sport can even exist!

From a more heart-warming angle, it shows a young kid who’s able to turn his dreams into a reality by simply following his heart. It shows how his dad was unsupportive, but in the end he comes around. Basically a kid who’s entire life lives on a race car simulator (video game), ends up having a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually drive a race car and compete. It was incredibly well shot and kept us engaged the entire time.

The movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes, which isn’t SO bad compared to the other 3 hour movies out. But I did get emotional during the film, and almost shed tears at one point. Life is real man!

It’s definitely inspiring to say the least, which I think is important anytime you watch a movie. I just can’t get over how dangerous the sport is.. once you see the film, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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