Lil Wayne Rolled Up Fat At Chanel West Coast’s Birthday In Los Angeles

September 12, 2023

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You know you’re lit when Lil Wayne pops up to your birthday.

On Friday, September 1st, fans and friends of TV personality and rapper Chanel West Coast (perhaps best known for MTV’s Ridiculousness) flooded the timelines to wish Chanel a happy birthday… but the real ones got to turn up with her in the evening.

What Happened At Chanel West Coast’s Birthday?

Taking place at a beautiful house called The Valley Villa in Los Angeles, boasting a breathtaking exterior and palm trees in the backyard, the invite-only event was aptly titled “Chanel West Coast’s State of Mind.”

If you know Chanel, you know she’s all about the West Coast. Arriving at the location, guests were welcomed with a baby pink lowrider, which served as the ultimate photo opp before stepping inside. Once inside, the festivities were endless. Free drinks, tacos by Cannabis Catered Events, mocktails flavored cantaloupe and strawberry lime mojito, nail art, and of course, Chanel’s iconic, signature laugh.

Firecrackers By CaliBanger: Chanel West Coast’s Cannabis Brand Of Choice For Her Birthday Party

The weed was provided by Firecrackers (a subsidiary of CaliBanger), who had their own booth near the photo booth. The cannabis brand is best known for their CaliBanger infused pre-roll, and it’s exactly what their name embodies. No shake or trim, just straight, premium indoor flower. They also passed out their 5-pack of Black Mamba OG, which totals to 3 grams for the jar.

Who Attended Chanel West Coast’s Birthday?

In addition to it being Chanel’s birthday party, it was also a celebration for her new album. This meant capturing content for her new show on MTV, a title-still-TBA docuseries which is reportedly coming soon. Notable attendees included musical artist Margie Plus (a recurring Ridiculousness alum), creative director and noted event designer Edgar Hayrapetyan, Valley Villa CEO Henry Liner, and of course Chanel’s partner Dom Fenison. Music was provided by Apollo Liberace, with DJ Kittie spinning all night.

Lil Wayne Made A Special Guest Appearance At Chanel West Coast’s Birthday

But the real moment arrived when Lil Wayne himself showed up to bless Chanel with his presence. In fact, he had just come from being a surprise special guest at Beyonce’s LA show, alongside DJ Khaled.

Lil Wayne has been featured in Honeysuckle multiple times, decorating two of our print edition covers among other stories; his energy also infuses another amazing cover with Mellow Rackz, who’s signed to his Young Money imprint presided over by Mack Maine. The vibes were immaculate, as Wayne spent the majority of his time at Chanel’s party rolling up and blazing.

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Shout out to Chanel West Coast, for getting The Best Rapper alive to come out to her birthday!

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