Juicy J Is All About the Wake and Bake, But Urges, ‘Eat Breakfast Before Puffing’

September 14, 2023

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Rapper Juicy J recently appeared at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles on Sept. 12 for the release of his highly-anticipated memoir, Chronicles of the Juice Man: A MemoirWritten in collaboration with Soren Baker, the book details the Memphis native’s rise from the streets to multi-platinum-selling artist and producer, delving into the highs and lows of his life.

Fans may be surprised at how vulnerable Juicy J is in sharing this much of his story, specifically his struggles with substance abuse — popping pills, drinking, sipping lean — and mental health. Juicy J had to leave that lifestyle in order to save his own. Cannabis would prove pivotal in that journey.

Los Angeles spoke with the Three 6 Mafia founder about his love of weed.

How does cannabis improve your life?

Cannabis helps me get through my life. It’s always great to get up in the morning. Eat some breakfast first, then hit a couple of puffs.

Eat before you smoke?

Yeah, it’s better for me. Because a lot of times, when I smoke on an empty stomach, I get that gastritis. It makes my stomach hurt. A lot of times, when I smoke, I forget to eat.

How much do you smoke in a day?

Man, I don’t know. I just puff. I can’t really say.

Sativa or Indica?


Favorite strain?

It’s a lot. Right now, I’ve been smoking that infused weed. I’ve been on that heavy. I got some right now in my bag, if they let me smoke it in here. What they call them infused joints? Stiiizy’s! That’s my favorite. That’s what I’ve been smoking heavily.

Favorite munchies?

Hot Cheetos.

Favorite thing to do high?

Make music and have sex.

Rapper Juicy J performs on stage during day 2 of Center Of Gravity 2018 at Kelowna City Park on July 28, 2018 in Kelowna, Canada.

Andrew Chin/Getty Images

What do you consider running out of weed?

I don’t run out of weed. I just buy. I might buy a bag of weed, or a bunch of pre-rolls and some shit. Then I’ll go somewhere and buy some more. I be riding around. I might be out here, I want to go to the Cookies dispensary. I stay stocked up on weed.  And people give me weed where I got so much.

What do you do when it’s not good weed?

I don’t think I ever had any bad weed. Only time I had bad weed was when I was coming up in the South. Back in my younger days, we didn’t have this colorful weed y’all got out here in California.

Who in Hip-Hop has the best weed?

Snoop and Wiz.

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