‘Hash Holes’ are Hot in Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know About These Potent Pre-Rolls

October 19, 2023

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Ever smoke a “hash hole”? If you’re a first timer, fair warning: You probably won’t be prepared for the aftermath of the hit.

Imagine taking a dab and ripping a bong at the same time, conveniently rolled up into a single joint. The potency, convenience and taste is why they’re one of the hottest trends in the cannabis community.

Hash holes quite literally incorporate a sliver of hashish placed in the middle of a pre-roll. The hand-rolled extracts begin in a worm shape, effectively increasing potency while mixing exceptional flavor into the flower. Solventless rosin with big terpy flavors are most recommended.

Once the joint starts burning, it eventually creates a hole in the middle of the roll as the hash disappears into the flower. Looking from the bottom up, it looks like a donut, which is why these have also been nicknamed donut holes (along with snake holes and wormholes).

Who created the hash hole?

L.A.-based cannabis cultivator Shant Damirdjian, also known as Fidel, founder of Fidel's Hash Holes

L.A.-based cannabis cultivator Shant Damirdjian, also known as Fidel, founder of Fidel’s Hash Holes

(Photo courtesy of Fidels)

The first-ever hash hole was created back in March 2018 by L.A.-based cultivator Shant Damirdjian, also known as Fidel, founder of Fidel’s Hash Holes. While in Spain for Spannabis, Europe’s largest cannabis event, he found himself surrounded by OG cannabis industry veterans. At one point, while they were smoking California flower, it was hard to overlook the fact that everyone had hash with them.

“We’d smear it on the paper, worm it up, we put it in the middle,” Fidel tells Los Angeles. “That trend around that time went from us smoking out there, trying different pairings, to me being eager. As soon as I came back from that trip in Barcelona, I was so inspired.”

He started building interest in the innovative joint by sharing his pairings of hash and flower on Instagram, and naturally, people got curious.

“Everyone’s like, ‘What is that?’” he recalls. “I took it to market from there. I print everything in house. We roll everything in house. Every joint’s hand-rolled.”

How is it made?

Hash hole pre-roll from the Standard Cannabis Co., based in Los Angeles

Hash hole pre-roll from the Standard Cannabis Co., based in Los Angeles

(Photo courtesy of the Standard Cannabis Co.)

Each hand-rolled hash hole is deemed a more “upscale joint.” Fidel personally uses the best flower he has, and pairs it with the best hash rosin — a concentrate that’s made out of ice water and pressure. There’s no butane, and it’s certainly not comparable to the kief-infused joints that have been popping up in the market.

“It’s a different type of high. It’s really pure, but it’s strong,” Fidel says.

Standard Cannabis is another company that offers great hash holes. Founder Gabriel Bojorquez is a legacy cultivator, who’s been in the industry for over 30 years.

“It’s hand done, fresh frozen material. We do fresh press, though; this is my preferred method,” he tells Los Angeles. “It’s mostly for production and preservation of the product. You know how there’s different levels of consistency with rosin? Fresh press, usually, we’ll press it around 160 degrees. It comes off in a clear, shatter-like consistency. We keep it really cool. It allows us to touch it and put it into half gram balls and then roll them into a little snake. It’s touchable hard candy, so it’s really easy to work with and it’s easy to place. You have minimal jar lossage when you start doing cold cured whipping.”

For those smokers with especially high tolerances (and those smokers who just want to get really high) Standard Cannabis also developed the hash wrap, which features all hash on the outside, with over 1000mg of THC.

What’s the hype and who should smoke one?

Picture of Fidel's brand of hash hole joints available in select dispensaries

Picture of Fidel’s brand of hash hole joints available in select dispensaries

(Photo courtesy of Fidels)

Hash holes are celebratory; smoke it with other people. Drinkers love champagne at special events, but if you’re partying with stoners, bust out the hash hole. Cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate the gesture.

It’s not just about getting super stoned, either. The extra flavor does not go unnoticed.

Bojorquez tells Los Angeles that Standard Cannabis originally started making hash holes “for an ultimate connoisseur’s experience.”

“We’d match the rosins with matching flower,” he continues. “As time went on, we started making combinations of mixing terps and getting different [flavor] profiles when you’d smoke them together. That’s the biggest reason why we started doing them back in the day.”

Fidel’s current favorite pairing is his Starry Strain, paired with his Strawberry Smoothie rosin. Hash holes are also a huge win for the cannabis industry, as the collaborative process got much more fun.

“We’re always pushing the envelope,” Fidel explains. “I’m trying to find the tastemakers that may grow fire flower and I can pair with my rosin. Or vice versa, pairing my flower with their rosin. Try to really venture out there. Current day relevance is about collaborations, just as much as it is about a superior product.”

Thanks to hash holes, a new category for the pre-roll market has been created, with millions now being sold annually. The most important thing that separates the fire hash holes from the others, however, is qualityBut it also doesn’t hurt to have vibrant packaging that catches customers’ eyes on the dispensary shelf.

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