November 22, 2023

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T.I. will forever go down in history as one of the greatest to ever do it. Now, he’s proving his talents in areas beyond rap, such as comedy and film.

Da’Partments is the Atlanta native’s new, highly-anticipated independent film on Tubi. Deemed a “hood comedy,” Tip has been teasing the movie for years now, and it’s amazing to see the project finally see the light of day.

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On Monday, November 20th, T.I. hosted an exclusive, invite-only red carpet premiere and screening for Da’Partments. At Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, the evening was filled with laughter as the screening commenced.

The Source had the opportunity to catch up with T.I. on the red carpet.

DC Young Fly is one of the funniest people I know. What was the funniest moment you shared while filming? 

Although DC is extremely funny in the movie, the funniest moment on set didn’t come from DC. It came from Lil Duval. If you watch the bloopers at the end, it was funny. You should watch it, just wait until you see it.

What was your favorite snack your grandmama got you from that Kmart? 

At the time, really grilled cheeses. I’m a grilled cheese kid.

Boosie said he’s more excited for your guys album than you are. is that true? 

I don’t know man! We got some dope music. I just got so much stuff going on now, we got to find the time to actually put it out. Because the music is damn near done, but the work that got to be done to go into releasing the album, I got so much stuff on my timeline right now. It’s not that he’s more excited than I am. I got so much stuff that I already got my calendar filled, I don’t know when I’ma be able to do it. But I’m excited. I’m excited for people to hear it, I’m excited about what we have.

Who would you crown the next King of the South?

Ooh, I’ma save that answer for later. I can’t haphazardly roll that out there.

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