Cann Becomes Soho Warehouse’s First Cannabis Drink On The Menu In Downtown Los Angeles

November 25, 2023

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In the city of Los Angeles, Soho House is one of the most coveted places to have meetings, dinners, events, you name it. Recently, they expanded from their West Hollywood location by opening Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Cann at Soho Warehouse (C) Cann

Cann Becomes The First Cannabis Beverage Offered At Soho Warehouse

Insert Cann, who this fall celebrated becoming the first-ever cannabis beverage on the menu at Soho Warehouse, right alongside the beer, wine and spirits. Cann is a leader in the THC-infused social tonic space, with a mission of “ruining the consumer’s relationship with alcohol.” Who needs liquor when you have cannabis beverages?

On Friday, October 20th, Cann hosted an intimate gathering to commemorate this exciting feat. As we know, the legality and restrictions behind what’s allowed in public spaces continues to be a struggle for cannabis business owners. With this new partnership, Cann proves that nothing is impossible, paving the way for others to follow suit.

Luke Anderson, co-founder of Cann, states, “When we started the company five years ago, we thought: Wouldn’t it be hilarious if one day Soho House sold weed? And now it’s happening. We’re finally seeing it come through. I don’t know that Soho House even knows that it’s selling weed, but that’s what makes it awesome.”

Cann founders Jake Bullock (left) and Luke Anderson (right) celebrate at Soho Warehouse (C) Cann
Cann and House of Avalon. Left to right: Drag icon Gigi Goode, Caleb F, Grant Vanderbilt, Luke Anderson, Marko Monroe, Jake Bullock, and Hunter Crenshaw (C) Cann

Queer Collective House Of Avalon Celebrates Cann And Soho Warehouse Partnership

Present for the festivities was House of Avalon, the drag performer collective and queer creative institution in L.A. that helped Cann rise to relevance as a brand. In fact, Anderson expressed his excitement in honoring them with a Clio Award, as a thank you for helping Cann figure out their voice. Among other projects, House of Avalon helped produce Cann and Weedmaps’ star-studded “Taste So Good” music video, which featured numerous LGBTQIA+ celebrities including the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14. The viral campaign won multiple honors, with 5 Clio Awards and Brand of The Year for Cann.

“[House of Avalon founders] Marko Monroe and Grant Vanderbilt creative directed two really iconic Pride campaigns for us,” Anderson explains. “Gigi GoodeSymoneGus KenworthyVINCINT, a lot of really incredible people supported the brand early before it was cool. Suddenly, it feels like a household name. The fact that their creativity brought it to a level of pop culture and fashion sensibility that a regular beer, wine, or cocktail brand would get was so unusual in cannabis.”

House of Avalon’s Instagram bio reads: “by day we worship in the church of pop culture – by night we create playgrounds from our imagination.”

Grant Vanderbilt states, “I love being able to drink cannabis. I also love that they love queer people, and they support queer people. Me and Mark have worked on both of their Pride campaigns and almost everyone working was a queer person in some sort. I love having that. If you’re going to be a corporation and you’re going to have a Pride campaign, hire queer people. I love that camp, it’s all about queer joy. Everything we do evolves into queer joy in some way or another.”

The Cann founders honor the House of Avalon members with a Clio Award (C) Cann
Cann’s special edition of Blood Orange Cardamom (C) Cann

What Else Was On The Menu At Cann And Soho Warehouse’s Milestone Event?

Of course, what’s an event without food? Guests were welcomed to a beautiful spread of pizza, chicken, fries, and chips and guac — to pair perfectly with the cans of Cann present (no pun intended). Some of the best flavors include Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamom.

They also offered their Roadie packets, which you can take to-go and put into your drink anytime, anywhere.

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