December 11, 2023

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Poundside Pop is the newest artist to come out of Philly, and he’s here to take over the rap game.

Today, he returns with his newest single and visual called “Hoodhopper,” featuring Lil Bucks and Skrilla. The record itself was created in the studio with all three artists freestyling, with the topic of conversation being inspired by the city of Philadelphia.

Speaking on exactly what is a Hoodhopper, Poundside Pop states it’s “someone who goes from block to block, hood to hood. You can go from block to block in a good way or a bad way. See, every block has different things that come with it: culturally, enemies etc. You can be a hoodhopper and take on all of that because you choose to be in that hood one day and another hood the next day, but now you’re exposing yourself to whatever comes with that hood. Then you can be somebody that just hops from hood to hood, show all the hoods love and they love you.”

“Hoodhopper” is a perfect example that all Philly artists can come together and make music in peace, showing fans the power of unity. All three artists come from different parts of the city, and while Bucks couldn’t be in the video, Pounside Pop made sure he held down his energy with the hashtag #FreeBucks.

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