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Exclusive Interview: Roi Wes

December 18, 2023

Roi Wes stands in his own lane. Raised by military parents whose jobs required frequent relocation, Roi had no choice but to become extraordinarily adaptable, and that shines through in his music. With a passion for expanding the world and sound of drill music, Roi Wes is ready to bring unmatched creativity and thoughtfulness to the genre that has swept the world.

Now, he’s excited as ever to be unveiling his debut single and visual titled “Sleep When I’m Dead.” With a punching beat and well-placed vocal staccato by Roi Wes, this song is sure to leave an impression. Drawing from the classic sound of modern drill music juxtaposed with Roi Wes’s hard-hitting lyrical capability, “Sleep When I’m Dead” makes for a unique spin on one of Hip-Hop’s fastest growing genres.

Read our exclusive interview below!

For those who don’t know, who is Roi Wes?

I am a seeker and speaker of truths as I know them. I grew up in a traveling military family and that experience shaped me in a big way. I’ve seen many different walks of life and my perspective is a reflection of those experiences. I struggled to find my path in my late teens and ended up on the street twice. I did things I shouldn’t have for the sake of getting out of those sleepless nights. Fortunately, I feel that the adaptability I learned as a child ultimately ended up saving me. I live to tell my story and worldview in hopes that someone, just even an handful of people, can feel me. That they can be inspired to forge on and navigate through this crazy life. I love life.

Talk about fusing UK & US drill, how would you describe your sound?

To me, that’s a very good description of my sound. Sonically I’m drawn to energy. Music that moves the soul in a major way. I guess it’s just by chance that the producers I work with make drill beats that have that effect. And they happen to make what would be considered uk or euro drill.

Biggest influences?

I grew up listening to rappers like Meek Mill and Chief Keef. The Chicago drill movement in the early 10’s was a huge influence for me. It was so raw and to the point.

At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?

I always thought it was forreal because there was a lot of delusion that made me think I’m “that guy.” It’s funny because I’ll randomly hear old stuff I made and cringe now. Back then, I thought it was fire.

What was the inspiration behind your name?

I lived in Belgium for four years in a french speaking neighborhood. Roi means King in french as a tribute to my time there. Roi also stands for return on investment. Wes is a play on my government name: Roi Wes.

What inspired “Sleep When I’m Dead”?

I feel so much pressure from a sort of life clock. I feel like everyday could be my last and I’m constantly running out of time. So the song is an ode to my race against my own mortality. I’m going to make the most of every day because it’s in my nature. I don’t know another way.

What do you want fans to take away from the record?

I want to unlock inspiration in their souls. I want them to find that passion inside them to get a move on and get to work on their dreams. If you sleeping too much maybe that’s why you slept on!

3 things you need in the studio?

Water, phone on airplane mode, no people!

Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Short-term goal is to find myself even more. I’m constantly thinking about how my actions affect my surroundings and how I want to leave a positive legacy. Long-term goal is to drive a movement of people who want to see a positive change in the world. I believe we can improve a lot as humans.

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