Inside Chris Brown’s “Bussin” Cannabis Strain With Originals Family Farms

December 31, 2023

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Chris Brown x Originals’ “Bussin” at the private taste test (C) Shirley Ju @shirju

Chris Brown’s Bussin Cannabis Strain With Originals Family Farms Debuted With Private Taste Test In Los Angeles

Chris Brown is a certified GOAT in the music industry… which means he’s definitely making his mark in the cannabis world also.

On Tuesday, October 24th, the “Go Crazy” recording artist hosted an private, invite-only taste testing event for his new weed strain called Bussin, in collaboration with Originals Family Farms. Presented by CB and his OHM imprint, the intimate gathering took place at Bluemoon Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, where we covered their Breast Cancer Awareness event this fall.

Upon entering, guests were immediately welcomed with the two strains Brown and Originals collaborated on: Berry Happy and Moonwalker. The first is a hybrid with 31 percent THC, and the latter with 34 percent THC.

What Did Chris Brown Say About Bussin And Entering The Cannabis Industry?

When asking CB about what’s fire about Bussin, he stated, “Everything. Depends on what flavor you got, we got the Moonwalker and we got the Berry Happy. A lot of the new culture likes the hybrids and the ‘tastes good,’ but I’m an OG type of n***a. So we got the Moonwalker for the OG lovers.”

The intimate gathering featured food, and a cocktail menu featuring CB-themed drinks such as Moonwalker, Kowabunga, Berry Happy, and Shots. There were beautiful women dressed in all-red Bussin onesies, along with a joint station where you could try the two strains yourself.

So how does Brown plan to take over the cannabis industry? “I just plan to ease my way in,” Brown stated. “I don’t want to kick nobody out their spots and do nothing, I just want to get in there. I’ve been a fan or curator of marijuana for a long time [laughs], an advocate for it. At the end of the day, I’m gonna get in where I fit in.”

(C) Shirley Ju @shirju

What Was Behind The Chris Brown-Originals Family Farms Collaboration?

And with the influx of cannabis brands on the market, it was certainly intentional to partner with one of the best: Originals. Apparently, the collaboration between Originals and Chris Brown took over three years to come into fruition, primarily because CB had to hit the road for his Under The Influence Tour.

Originals co-founder Brandon Melendez stated, “The issue was that he went on tour for a long time. Went to the European tour, which is great because he hadn’t been to Europe in a long time. Smashed it, we put it on pause. We came up with all the concepts before. We said these are the strains we’re going to be growing, this is what we need. We had it figured it out before he went on tour so that way when he got back, we could hit the ground running.”

(C) Shirley Ju @shirju

Is The Chris Brown x Originals Family Farms “Bussin” Collaboration High In THC?

While Originals has always kept up their name as a legacy brand in the space, they went out of their way to grow specific strains just for Brown that had a significant THC percentage.

“They’re some of the highest THC levels, knock them out the park,” Melendez explained. “Chris has a very high tolerance. He wanted to make sure when he went and put the Pepsi Challenge on all of them, that there were ones that he liked. Also with his artistic mind, he went home and was able to write and do all this stuff. He’s like, ‘I’m not gonna support something if it shuts that part of me down’. There might have been a few that did, that we went through that ultimately did.”

All in all, this evening was a true example of the cannabis culture and community coming together. These were people who play a big part in making sure this industry in California not only runs, but does it the right way. It’s a true family environment, and it would not be possible without all the players involved.

And if you were lucky, you got to leave with an Originals gift bag.

For more about Originals Family Farms, follow @originalsfamilyfarms on Instagram.

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