RoccStar Talks “Savage Behavior” & Executive Producing Chris Brown’s “11:11” Project

February 6, 2024

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RoccStar has 10 Grammy nominations to his name—and that doesn’t even begin to cover the scope of his talents. Having produced and co-written some of music’s biggest hit records, including “Fine China” and “X” for Chris Brown, “Zack and Codeine” for Post Malone,” “Acting Like That” for Jennifer Lopez, RoccStar is a true definition of a hitmaker, someone who sees no boundaries to his art and continues to reach new heights.

Now, he applies that same knowledge and skillset to his own artistry. RoccStar recently dropped his highly-anticipated debut project, Savage Behavior. In fact, he released it on his own birthday, fully celebrating his transition from behind-the-scenes to in front of the scenes as a recording artist.


Additionally, he’s excited as ever to be executive producing Chris Brown’s forthcoming EP, 11:11, dropping on November 11. He’s also a father, a mogul, and a proud businessman with multiple businesses in the tech space.

AllHipHop spoke with RoccStar in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his relationship with Chris Brown, the new project and his sound, his tech businesses, and more!


AllHipHop: What was the moment that you realized you could do music as a profession?

Roccstar: Probably when I started battle rapping, realizing the reaction from the crowd. Because you got a crowd around you, either what you’re saying is amazing or not.

AllHipHop: What about the moment that put you on?

Roccstar: Honestly, the moment thing changes for me. Probably was when Chris Lighty started managing me, and I signed my first artist to Epic Records. That was the first pivotal moment. The second pivotal moment would be when “Fine China” came out and the world realized I was the genius behind it.

AllHipHop: Best memory from the “Fine China” studio session?

Roccstar: The authenticity, the level of genius and creativity man. We had a Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones moment type vibe. Rod Temperton type thing.

for sure. I respect that. Well, you know, obviously, you have nine Grammy nominations, what are some of the more? 

AllHipHop: You have 9 Grammy nominations. What are the most meaningful records you’ve done?

Roccstar: For me, the X album was huge for me. Definitely the X album, because that was the album that changed my life. The Mary J. Blige album being up for Album of the Year, that right there was big. The Good Mornin, Gorgeous album. “Fine China” of course. The Post Malone album I did, Beerbongs & Bentleys was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Album as well. The Post Malone moment was big for me too, because I’ve been knowing him since way back.

AllHipHop: What sparked the transition from producer and songwriter to artist?

Roccstar: Just having that Kanye moment where the frequency that I’m creating, it’s proven. I can either create this energy for other people the whole time, or I can express my own art. 

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AllHipHop: What is it about RoccStar as an artist? What is the sound you’re curating? 

Roccstar: It’s very aggressive. The album’s called Savage Behavior. It’s very authentic and aggressive. It’s motivational music, theme music for the gods. Very motivational, you gon’ do a couple of extra reps working out. You gon’ really go after what you’re going for, listening to this level of frequency. I studied frequency, so war drums. There’s certain frequencies that have never been tampered with, like a waterfall or ocean waves. I studied frequency therapy. I made sure that the drums and certain things got the right frequency.

AllHipHop: You studied that in school?

Roccstar: Not in school, but I really studied the masters of frequencies. The Einsteins, really which Hertz is love. Which Hertz is anger at. I engulf myself ain frequency therapy, to the point where I created a frequency therapy for PTSD programs for the military in augmented reality. I really study frequencies.

AllHipHop: Let’s touch on your tech endeavors? What is RocEye?

Roccstar: RocEye is an AR company, an AI company, and a hologram company in partnership with Third Eye. For the last 27 years, Third Eye has been creating technology for the military and government. The AR glasses we have came from actual military, where the first responders were able to look through your lens and help somebody. Basically save somebody’s life through AR, through those goggles. They walk you through it. Some of the technology in the goggles can show you the heart rate, what’s happening. All kinds of stuff, it’s crazy.

We took that and we made an entertainment version, which is where RocEye came in. We did the whole thing, which is a little more digestible for the public. Other s### is high tech. You put on and you can see what the opps are wearing and know where their armor is from. “Oh, it’s Russian.” Stuff like that.

That’s one thing, then I have RoccStar Wireless. Our partner is T-Mobile. RoccStarWireless is the new cell phone company. You know Ryan Reynolds just sold Mint Mobile for $1.4 billion, but we’re moving them out the way right now. I got some partners. I brought in Lil Kim and Flo Rida, a bunch of different people to tag team. We’re going crazy on the cell phone service as well.

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AllHipHop: What did it mean to drop Savage Behavior on your birthday, Halloween?

Roccstar: Shoot, it’s my gift to myself and everybody else. [laughs] Here’s a new frequency man, check this vibe out. That’s the play. Everything has to have some type of significance to it.

AllHipHop: What is Savage Behavior?

Roccstar: Savage Behavior is something that you can rock with to turn up your savage. A lot of people aren’t naturally confident, a lot of people aren’t naturally in that vibe. A lot of people are in a shell, so this is something to bring you out your shell. Spark up that savage. That might be the energy you need to get that deal closed or get you that promotion, or get you that confidence to tell whoever, whatever. Savage Behavior!

AllHipHop: Three things you need in the studio at all times?

Roccstar: Weed, some huge speakers or a lot of sound. And I like lights. All red or all blue.

AllHipHop: Talk about executive producing Chris Brown’s upcoming EP, 11:11?

Roccstar: I came in with Mark Pitts. Obviously, I did CB’s last five albums with him. But this album, him and Mark and everybody came to me and said “Yo, I want you to help me really cultivate this sound on some Quincy Jones stuff, with me for the first time.” CB don’t really mess with people too hard. He don’t like people, he don’t rock with people. He be in his own shell, his own world. The fact that he trusted me to come in and make sure the frequency was tuned to where he’s going, in life and with tech, with different things. Where everybody’s going all the way around the board was big for me, so I came in to go crazy on this album. I did 11 of those songs myself.

AllHipHop: How did you and Chris meet initially?

Roccstar: I met Chris through the dance world, briefly krumping. I used to be a a krump dancer in the krump world. I used to be doing krump arenas, all that s###. That’s when we first met, him and his brother who was also a krumper I used to battle. After that, I used to run into him in different clubs. Supperclub. When it turned into the business vibe, alright let’s sit down and really see who who is, that’s when Mark Pitts brought me in to do the X album. That’s how I ended up doing “Autumn Leaves,” “X,” “Fine China,” all of them records. So Mark Pitts really introduced us.

AllHipHop: Any goals for yourself at this point?

Roccstar: Of course, I have a lot of goals. I’m really on building an empire that people ain’t seen yet. But that’s a bridge between tech, music, lifestyle and forward-thinking everything. Forward thinking sounds, forward-thinking technology, forward-thinking movements, all the way down to housing. The way housing is set up forward-thinking wise. I’m doing the small housing thing and all this other stuff.

My goals is to have multiple companies with exit strategies built into them, that ended up on NASDAQ or whatever. Basically having an empire of successful businesses and continuing to sell hit records and making sure whatever we drop just goes.

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