February 8, 2024

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Doe Boy has just hit a new milestone in his career, and he’s worked his ass off to get here.

His newest song, “Way Too Long,” was just featured in the newest Apple iPhone 15 Plus commercial on national television, even getting more playtime than Taylor Swift during the NBA playoffs. The record was made specifically for Apple, with Doe Boy showing off his ability to sing versus his normal rap bangers.

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If that’s not enough, “Way Too Long” was the most Shazam’ed song last month and is now impacting radio airwaves nationwide. LeBron James even co-signed the song on Instagram, with Doe Boy’s streams going up by over 200% since the commercial aired.


Doe Boy is currently working on his new album, following up last year’s self-titled BEEZY, which hailed standout appearances from Don Toliver, Lola Brooke, Future, Roddy Rich, and more.

The Source spoke with Doe Boy in downtown Los Angeles, who had only gotten two hours of sleep after a studio session with Roddy Ricch that lasted until 10am that morning. Read below as we discuss how the Apple commercial turned him up, getting more airtime than Taylor Swift in the NFL playoffs.

What was the moment you fell in love w/ Hip-Hop?

I can’t even really remember, I’ve just always loved it since a kid. Ever since I could remember, I loved music. Since tapes and shit like that. My first tape I had was a Bow Wow tape. I swear to God.

What does Hip-Hop mean to you?

Hip-Hop means everything to me. It’s how we express ourselves. People go through a lot of stuff, it’s good to be vocal. Hip-Hop, as far as any genre, we the best. Fasho the best genre, everybody wants to be like us. [laughs] No disrespect to the other artists in other genres, they know.

And it saved your life right?

Overly. Fasho. I wouldn’t be nowhere without it. I don’t know what I’d be doing.

What would you be doing?

Trouble. [laughs]

If it wasn’t the streets, what career would you pick?

I wanted to play football. I used to play mini league football. But as soon as I got to high school, I couldn’t play real football because I didn’t have good grades. So that was never gon’ work.

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Can we talk about you playing against Key Glock in the Crew League? 

[laughs] That was fun as hell. At the end of the day, I know I can’t play basketball. I just wanted to go have fun, go out there and cause havoc.

Did you practice though?

Nope. We didn’t even practice. Matter of fact, my team all got there that day. We was drunk before. We were drinking liquor out of Gatorade bottles. Damn, I broke the ceiling. I was playing with the basketball, threw it up and broke the whole ceiling.

Congrats on “Way Too Long”! Did a female inspire this?

Nah, a female didn’t inspire it. Literally, it was the plug. I made that song specifically for the outlets. Apple came with the concept.

They handpicked you?

It was more so a management situation. My management team went and got it from me.

Are you with SALXCO?

Yep, I love it there. As you can see, they got me on an Apple commercial. That’s crazy. That’s big. That might be as big as it could get for a Hip-Hop artist to do. An Apple commercial? And the stage to where they’ve been putting it: on TV. The placements. You gotta think, people don’t watch TV anymore for real. But people watch TV to watch football. That’s the only thing they’re watching on TV, and that’s what I’m on. It makes sense. They even played it during the Grammys, it happens at the right moments every time.

How geeked were you when you first heard it?

That shit was crazy. I was watching football with my mom.

I was going to ask, how proud is your family?

Man, proud as hell. Especially seeing that, the commercial shit, you gotta think: a n*gga been lit. I’ve been going up. Everybody knows I’m successful, but it be different when you seeing somebody on TV doing something that big. It’s fucking everybody up.

Did you ever think you’d be on TV like this? Your first TV commercial…

Yeah, I already knew that fasho. I knew it, I wasn’t settling for nothing.

Talk about singing though. 

I always like to sing though, that’s the crazy part. A lot of people don’t be knowing that. It be so crazy though because I got a lot of singing music that’s out, it just get slept on. People gravitate towards my other shit. It opened up a whole nother world because now, people are like “Damn, he could do that?” Now, I’m finna show them something real quick.

Are you going to take vocal lessons?

I need to. That’s a good idea, go ahead and get as good as I can.

How are your peers responding to the song? 

They loving it. It got a better reaction than what I thought.

LeBron likes the record too?

LeBron loves the song. He just posted it the other day: “man this shit so fire.” He been commenting on it too.

Who else likes the record?

Pluto obviously. Everybody forreal. Everybody been proud of me though. I swear to God, all my rap friends. They’re like “Damn man,” that’s all they been talking about. Even since I’ve been out here. Travis Scott the other day: “Man bro, I seen your commercial. Oh my God.” I was with Roddy Rich last night, we were in studio recording until 10 o’clock in the morning. He’s like “Bro, that commercial…” It’s crazy, everybody.

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Talk about your friendship with G Herbo. What was that hilarious video with all the females? 

[laughs] The Herb versus 20 girls. It was on some, Herb came to Atlanta. Soon as he gets there, he gon’ let me know. We be kicking it. I wasn’t even supposed to be in there, I was just with him. He said “I gotta go do this interview real quick,” so I pulled up with him. He’s so fried, I be having to fix it. He dogged the one girl, told her to leave. She got mad, they start arguing. That’s why I walked in the camera, like let me stop this.

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I was just with Benny The Butcher, he just dropped a fire album.Yeah his album hard as fuck. That’s my n*gga, I fuck with Benny. I fuck with the whole Griselda. Gunn and them, they my n*ggas. Gunn be putting me up on the drip. Soon as the shit come out, he let me in. Gunn go crazy. You see his bracelet? That bitch crazy. Gunn goes crazy. Don’t sleep on Gunn, Gunn really the GOAT. You gotta think, this man was sitting on the floor in Paris with Virgil. When it comes to the fashion world, everybody loves Gunn.

How’d the Don Toliver song come about?

I met Don Toliver when we’re on tour together. Future brought us on tour. One day, Future was performing and we were sitting on the side of the stage. I said “Hey man, you wanna get on my song?” He’s like “I got you.” Alright. [laughs]  Nah he really did it though.


Do you record better in LA or Atlanta? 

Atlanta, because I live there. At the end of the day, I do my thing anywhere.

Do you feel like LA, you gotta tap in with the artists here? 

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been with Future, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Roddy. Since Monday [two days]. So hell yeah, definitely. Everybody right here,

Soulja Boy was the first artist to fly you to LA?

[laughs] That’s crazy. He was really the first rapper to really say, “Hey, come kick it with me” type shit. He let me come stay at his house. I was out on bond. I had just caught my case, I was on bond. He let me come to his house, I stayed there for about a week. Then I went to jail, crazy. I had to do 3 years.

Did you have a song buzzing then? What made him reach out?

Yeah, I had this song called “What You Mean.” He jumped on it, it’s with him and Future.

He could even say he’s the first rapper to fly Doe Boy out to LA.

He can say that, I’ll give that to him. I had it on my Stories a couple of weeks ago. He got a video saying that. “I’m the first rapper to fly Doe Boy to my crib,” he said that.

Did your following grow after the Apple commercial?

Hell yeah. Even my streams, it increased by 222%.

That means the money went up!

Man what? Apple pays nice. Apple pays very well. I can’t wait to get a publishing check though.

What’s one thing you want fans to take away from Beezy

That was me more so showing if you really pay attention, from track 1 to the end, really look how I sequence it and everything. Really appreciate the artistry. I really like taking my time with stuff, real well put together. It’s not just a bunch of songs slapped together.

What can we expect from this album? Sounds like you’re going crazy.

A little bit of that, same thing. Stick to the formula.

Anything else you’re excited about?

I got plenty more stuff like that, how you see I got the Apple commercial. Oh look, they just sent me my phone. I got 3 phones. They sending wires, phones, all kinds of shit. [laughs]

Can you hook up the homies, or…?

Bro, you know what I went through? Oh my God, they weren’t trying to give it to me at first. They ain’t ever give nobody no phone. When I asked, they said no. But the commercial’s going so crazy…

Just for the rest of the year forreal forreal. I got a lot planned, a lot of big things coming up. I’m really at that breaking point of my career. Even right now, “Way Too Long” the #1 most added song on the Urban Rhythm charts. They just went to radio a week ago, it’s already the #1 most added. Stuff like that. I always had a buzz, it’s just different when you start getting accolades.

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