Weezy Talks Season 3 Of ‘Sex Sells’ & Audio Producing DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Podcast

February 9, 2024

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Weezy is the definition of a boss babe, someone who’s turned her passion into a fruitful career… and she’s only getting started!

A former corporate sales executive turned sex positivity advocate, Weezy is the host of Sex SellsFuse’s highest-rated series which just returned for its third season. Diving knee-deep into the sex industry, Sex Sells is the first show of its kind, as host Weezy travels all across the country to explore sexual wellness, sex work, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

The beauty arrives in the fact that most of the business owners in the sex industry are making 6 to 8 figures — a place most people could only wish they could get to in their lifetime. Weezy is here to spread a positive message, inspiring audiences all around the world while simultaneously destigmatizing the business side of sex work.

Sheen had the pleasure of chatting with Weezy during her Sex Sells panel at Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss the panel,


For those who don’t know, how would you describe Weezy? 

My dad calls me the black Dr. Sue Johanson, black Dr. Ruth. But I feel like I’m hotter than them. I’d describe myself as an accidental sexpert. I was a girl who made a podcast talking about sex and having fun, and I ended up turning into someone that became a sex educator for most. I didn’t realize that through my own liberation I was helping others, so that’s why I’ve been on this journey for almost a decade. I wish I went to school for it, but didn’t finish college. [laughs]

Why didn’t you finish college?

Honestly, I couldn’t afford it. And I was making too much money working another job. I’m like oh, being an entrepreneur could work out. I’m a Kanye College Dropout.

What’re you most excited for tonight with this panel?

I’m most excited for people to step into the world of entrepreneurship. I know everybody thinks we’re going to talk about sex tonight, and we’re not. The purpose of Sex Sells is to break the stigma around the fact that sex workers are doing something disgusting or they’re stupid, or this is their hitting rock bottom. The job they have. I really want to highlight one of the biggest porn stars in the world [Kazumi], and someone who teaches dick riding classes [Tyomi], to the rest of everyone else who’s an entrepreneur. Sex Sells is supposed to teach you about business tips.

How’d you get your name?

I have asthma. I wish it was a better story, but it’s not. [laughs]

Congratulations on the third season of Sex Sells. What’re you most excited for?

I’m most excited for people to see Season 1, which looks like a YouTube show, to see how much we’ve grown. There’s more money. There’s bigger businesses. Also Season 1 was really black, it was everybody I knew. Now we got some Asian, we got some more women, some Latino. It’s dope to see different people across the board. I really didn’t have it in Season 1, it was just people in my own scope. Now, you’re seeing people that actually want to do the show.

What was the highlight from shooting Season 3? 

Season 3, my best friend got his dick injected to get it bigger. The dick doc! You’ll see, Episode 6.

What did they use for that?

His own blood and plasma. They took the blood out of his arm, put it into his dick and it fucking grew.

What’s the most shocking thing you found this season? 

My favorite episode is where I became a courtesan, which is an escort in a brothel. But the most shocking thing is about sex surrogates. They’re people that help others that either have trauma or a disability, have sex. Maybe someone who’s paraplegic, it could be someone that was a burn victim. Anyone getting comfortable learning their body.

Are you in a relationship? 

I’m dating.

How often are you getting down?

Oh, right before this. I’m not saying it’s why I was late… all the time. When I’m single, it’s both of my arms and my foot if I could reach it. Now that I’m dating, it’s a lot better. I’ll hump anything. The edge of a chair. [laughs]

What’s your biggest turn-on? 

My biggest turn on is confidence. I’ve never really been more of a looks person, more than I am when someone walks into the room. Man, women, they, I love confidence. If you’re asking for a hot sexy answer, probably anything that could bind me. Make me feel restricted. My ADD needs to be [clenches fist].

What are your beauty go-to’s? 

I love in the mornings, the Ordinary rosetip oil. If you want to splurge, the Aesop oil. But I don’t think that makes a difference from $10 to $80. The Mario Badescu facial spray, and what else? The only thing I need to make me look alive is Anastasia brow pencil.

And then how would you describe your fashion?

Ooh, my fashion is all over the place. Sometimes, I look super corporate. Most of the time, all my friends say I look like I’m a lesbian. It’s everywhere in between, but my fashion’s very New York.



Talk about doing the Gangsta Grillz podcast with DJ Drama.

For sure. I ran Kenya Barris’ audio production arm of this company. He said “I want to work with DJ Drama, we gotta figure out what we’re gonna make with him.” I’m like holy shit, so Drama and I connected. Instead of doing something about Generation Now, which is his new label with Jack Barlow and Uzi Vert, we went back in time and basically did the B-side of the Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Within that, we interviewed…

Oh my gosh, there was a moment where I almost threw up. We were in Paris, interviewing Pharrell. I kept going in the bathroom and throwing up, coming back out. My other favorite moment is everyone on set saying “Weezy, Weezy!” around Lil Wayne, which was hilarious.  Another cool thing about it for me was the fact that I watched every single artist that I loved thank Drama. It really let me know that the person sometimes behind something…

Drama shows me so much love and gratitude. Drama was in the middle of a Dreamville music festival, they wouldn’t let me backstage. He said “hello! Girl in the blue dress, now!” I just love that he rides for me.

That’s beautiful!

Once we met, oh my God. I didn’t even know he wanted me. I’m like, you want a girl to do your mixtape podcast? He fucks with me.

Do you have a love for Hip-Hop as well? 

Of course. Any black person does, especially one from the South. Gangsta Grillz?! I was literally a fiend when we were talking to Jeezy, thinking about my favorite mixtapes. Any Southern person period is obsessed with some kind of Gangsta Grillz era. Especially to do that.

Miko said you’re the Anthony Bourdain of the sex working world?

Anthony Whore-dain! Anthony Bourdain is an idol for anybody in journalism, but what really is so dope about hearing that in particular is I know that Anthony Bourdain would get down with people. He’d sit there and be involved, make them feel like he was one. That’s really why with Sex Sells, when I did the brothel episode, I didn’t necessarily want to put on the dress and wait for a client.

But I had to. Getting my vagina swabbed, learning how to make sure a penis doesn’t have STD’s. Getting a prostitution license in the state of Nevada, fingerprinted. I was embarrassed by it, but then I realize: I don’t want to have any shame around this. I want to honor these women who made their business.

Anything else you want to let us know?

For any entrepreneur that’s reading this: all of these people are 7, 8, 9 figure businesses. Please, when you’re watching the show, don’t look at them as “this is the girl’s sex tape on TV for money.” When in reality, she’s probably the girl that found out how to curate content for the consumer that she’s selling it to. It’s people behind this lens that it’s not salacious as you think.


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