February 26, 2024

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When it comes to R&B, artists like Jon B. remind us that the genre is far from dead, it’s alive now more than ever.

With a career spanning three decades, Jon B. is best known for his timeless hits such as “They Don’t Know,” “Are U Still Down?”, “I Do,” and many more. With endless plaques to his name, the recording artist is best known for his exceptional vocals and songwriting skills, which still hold strong to this day.

Most recently, Jon B. hosted an event in Los Angeles with Glass House Brands, delivering an intimate performance of both old and new records. He also did a Q&A prior, touching on everything from the standout features on his new project to having an album with DJ Quik to being the last artist to perform with Tupac.


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Speaking on the vibes in the studio with Tupac, Jon B. states, “Tupac had the energy of an absolute — he was a ball of energy. From the moment that I got there, I had all of the equipment that I needed to produce the track myself, so I was ready to show him what I had. As far as if I need to cook this up from the beginning, it’s all good. I’m ready.”

He continues: “But before I did that, I said ‘play me some something that you have. You got anything in mind that we might could rock already?’ The first beat that he played me was the beat to ‘Are U Still Down?’ Which was produced by legendary producer Johnny J. Rest in peace Johnny J. That beat spoke to me right away. This is my Marvin Gaye joint right here. This is my ‘Midnight Love’, this is my ‘Sexual Healing’. This is a record right here I can fuck with.”

“Instantaneously, I said ‘Put that down. Let’s start writing to it,” and we started to do that,” Jon B. explains.

“Are U Still Down?” serves as the only song Jon B. and Tupac did together physically in the studio.

In terms of new music, fans can expect Jon B.’s forthcoming project titled Waiting on You, with features from Rick Ross, Tank, Donell Jones, and Alex Isley.

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