New Cannabis Consumption Lounge Astor Club Celebrates Los Angeles Grand Opening, With A Rare DJ Set By The Alchemist

March 10, 2024

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Astor Club is the newest cannabis consumption lounge in the city of Angles

Upon walking up to The Astor Club in Los Angeles, I ran into Matt (the owner) outside who was super busy getting guests and artists inside. This was the grand opening of the newest cannabis consumption lounge in the city, and the excitement was immediately apparent. Only those who were on the guest list were allowed to enter, and the only way you got invited was if you knew someone there.

This certainly isn’t just a regular lounge where you can smoke and hang out, this is Astor Club: The Highest Club In High Society. Imagine Soho House, but the cannabis version. What they’re doing for the cannabis community is extraordinary, serving as the premiere destination for individuals and brands to network, coexist and create long-lasting memories. Not to mention their pulse to the culture, whether it’s music, sports, film, television… you name it!

The event flier itself was almost reminiscent of a golden ticket, super exclusive and super coveted. The invite was black and white, minus a red stamp that said “NON-TRANSFERABLE, DO NOT POST,” reminding you just how special this evening would be. It even included a message stating “we’re glad you ENJOYED your stay!!!!!”

For Hip-Hop fans who were attending, this was exactly what the doctor ordered. The flier stated “music by The Alchemist,” one of the most legendary producers and DJs to grace the rap game.

Having worked with everyone from Eminem to Nas to Lil Wayne, The Alchemist is best known for his heavy sampling and eclectic beats, a true legend in Hip-Hop that deserves all his flowers.

Let’s be clear also. The Alchemist is a rare entity. Not only is he not active on socials, but you barely see him out. Unless he’s promoting an album, such as his recent collaborative project with Larry June, The Alchemist is damn near a ghost. Now we get to see him DJ for free?! What a treat!

If that’s not enough, Matt even had 40 from Drake’s OVO camp fly in all the way from Canada to DJ. One thing that did not go unnoticed was the music selection throughout the evening, playing all the cuts from the golden era of Hip-Hop. As a true Hip-Hop head, this was something I hadn’t felt before in the city of Angels. It almost felt like we were in the heart of New York where Hip-Hop was birthed!

Astor Club first opened its doors in New York, quickly solidifying themselves as a staple in cannabis culture. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the cannabis consumption lounge arrived in perfect timing as weed became legal in the state. Beyond just being able to buy and smoke weed, this is a place where like-minded individuals could conjoin and partake in events such as cannabis-infused yoga and live music performances.

But this new three-story space in Los Angeles?! Let’s talk about it. It’s hard to miss the tall white building with the words “Viola” in purple up top. In fact, the owner of Viola (Al Harrington) was present for the grand opening, flying in just for the night to share his support for this exciting moment. Other celebrity sightings include Wale, Trinidad James, Fredro Starr, Stevie Williams, Zombie from Flatbush Zombies, Havoc from Mobb Deep, AK The Savior from The Underachievers, and A$AP Rocky even stopped by at midnight — forcing everyone to stay a bit longer than anticipated.

The first level is the retail shop, which includes flower to purchase along with exclusive merch in collaboration with Pleasures. The second floor was so crowded you could barely walk, but that’s just a testament to Matt’s insane connections within the space. The turnout was incredible, something other cannabis consumption lounges could only wish they could emulate. Guests were welcomed to a dab bar by Puffco, and a flower bar offering joints and blunts from Archive Seed Bank. On the third floor was Jones Soda, and a beautiful rooftop where guests could enjoy some fresh air.

At the end of the day, this evening was one for the books. It was hard not to run into one of your favorite rappers, and definitely not sure when we’ll ever get another free DJ set by The Alchemist. The energy in the room was so pure and genuine, as attendees truly appreciated each other’s company.

I’m honored and so grateful to be a part of such a priceless moment in both music and cannabis, and can’t wait to come back to create even more memories.

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