Oakland Rapper John Mackk Has A Message For Rubi Rose

March 15, 2024

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Meet John Mackk, a 26-year-old from Oakland. As a Bay Area native, Mackk aims to show the world that his style and music can reach beyond the confines of the West Coast. As of late, he has become one of the most promising young artists on the indie scene with his viral song “Slow It Down,” which has accumulated more than 125,000 videos and sounds on TikTok and 18 million streams on DSPs.

Late last year, John Mackk released several notable collaborations with the likes of Mike Sherm, Mozzy, 310Babii and Heembeezy. He recently released his EP titled Signing Day, with several notable tracks including “Rubi Rose,” which the female rapper and model later shared on her Instagram page.

John Mackk was also featured on the Carrots cypher hosted by Anwar with the likes of 03 Greedo, Kalan FRFR, Buddy, Guapdad and Wallie the Sensei, to name a few. His next song, dropping in March, is titled “Pose for Me.” AllHipHop spoke with John Mackk about his roots, new music and more.

AllHipHop: What was your come up in the rap game like, and how did you end up becoming a full time rapper with a team and label?

John Mackk: My come up in the rap game in Oakland was a crazy process. I feel like I never really got love and acknowledgement from my own people, but I never really dwell on it nor do I let it be an excuse. I always was happy because it never boxed me in andI always knew I’d be what I am today, so it created more fuel for me to thrive. I ended up a full-time rapper with a team and label by sticking with it. Through all the trial and error, all the fake love and goodbyes, I rebuilt my team multiple times to get to this point and time’s finally here. Now, I’m unfortunately with a label but brighter side is a year ago, I wasn’t in this position. God blessed me big time.

AllHipHop: Tell us about your upcoming single “Pose for Me?”

John Mackk: With my upcoming single, “Pose for Me,” I honestly feel like I found the blueprint so I’m capitalizing on it. I want people to hear my music and have fun screaming their heart out and want to party. When you’re in a bad mood, I want ladies to hear “Pose For Me” in that moment and lighten the mood. We have a lot of music disrespecting women, I want to balance it out and build them up.

AllHipHop: Which song would you say represents you the most thus far and why?

John Mackk: A song that represents me the most is called “Bleeding Hearts,” because it’s a representation of my emotions and I’m pretty vulnerable in it. It also was fun for me to record and shoot, I feel like it’s timeless.

AllHipHop: What was one of the most inspiring moments of your upbringing?

John Mackk: One of many inspirational moments in my life is realizing how much my mom sacrificed for me and my two siblings. She was a single parent, we were a regular poor family in a poverty area that barely had help from job to job. Always made sure we had food and clothes and never complained while doing it.

AllHipHop: Rubi Rose played your song and cosigned you. Have you linked up with her yet?

John Mackk: Yeah she kinda did, but nah we haven’t linked just yet. But we will though—watch. She don’t know me personally yet, but when she do she gon’ love me as much as I love her.

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