Muha Meds Opens Doors To First Retail Store In California

March 29, 2024

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Muha Meds is the brainchild of two BIPOC brothers both under 30, opening their first retail location in Los Angeles after success in Michigan.

If you’re in the cannabis industry, you know how hard it is to not only get off the ground, but survive. But brands like Muha Meds make it look easy.

Founded in 2018, Muha Meds first solidified themselves as a mainstay in the cannabis industry through their vape products, setting the standard when it comes to offering consumers with the state of the art cannabis oil, flavor, and portability. Their goal has always been to remove the negative stigma associated with cannabis by creating vape products that uplift the plant, reaching a larger audience beyond the cannabis community.

Muha Meds is the brainchild of brothers Ali and Muhammad “Muha” Garawiboth under 30 years old and entirely self-funded. As kids of immigrants, it’s been nothing short of hard work, dedication, passion, and hustle to get them where they are today.

And now, they’re expanding to new heights. After successfully opening stores in MichiganMuha Meds is excited as ever to be opening their first retail store in California. With both brothers originally from Downey, California, it’s only right to open a shop in beautiful southern California.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Muha Meds headquarters located just outside downtown Los Angeles, just in time for the MMA class taking place at 3:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. Open to all team members, the private training sessions were designed to increase company morale, taking place inside their own homemade gym.

The addition of this gym into the work environment is attributed to Ali’s own love for MMA, starting with personal training before expanding it to the rest of the team. With his passion in health and wellness, Ali proceeded to build out a recovery room right next door, equipped with a sauna, cold plunge, and oxygen tank.

Getting a tour of the rest of the facility, it was immediately apparent how important teamwork was to the company as a whole. With the morale of treating staff like family, Ali emphasizes how his team has been the biggest factor in their success. Not only did they hand-select employees from their community in Downey, but they positioned them and gave them the right incentive to work hard, grow, and turn them into six-figure salary owners.

In fact, everyone who works at Muha Meds has been with the company since its inception four years ago. As we maneuvered through the facility, I quickly picked up on Muha Meds’ being much more than a cannabis brand, but rather a platform for the community to showcase the latest cannabis, creativity, lifestyle, and art.

What are you most excited for with the grand opening on March 30th? 

Ali: It being the first brick and mortar store in California, we’re really excited about that. We get to really present the brand in a way that expresses it past just products. That’s what we’re really excited about.

Muha: Being able to present the vibe and really give them the culture that we wanted to present to them from a shop standpoint, rather than just product. Because we’ve always been able to make the best product, best pricing, but we haven’t really had the actual shop to present it to them and to give them that vibe. Also getting integrated with the community down there, it’s really good. Because there’s not many shops down there, it’d be dope to bring that culture over there.

What is it about Muha Meds that people love?

Ali: The variety of flavors, the consistency of how good they are, and affordability. It’s like buying a BMW for a Toyota price, so great premium products that are made perfectly every single time. They’re made perfectly every single time because we do everything A through Z with our team  downstairs, we don’t let anybody touch our stuff. That’s why people like our products and they’re always coming back.

Muha: We give that vibe of being like a club, people love representing us. We’ve had a big following for a long period of time. We have a lot of merch too that people are loving, so it’s more of being part of the club, rather than just buying a product to get high off of.

You guys have had a lot of success in Michigan. How full circle is it to be able to open the store in Southern California?

Ali: It’s pretty cool. It doesn’t feel too full circle because we kind of started here. It is technically full circle, but we love it here so it doesn’t really feel like that.

Why did you open the retails in Michigan first?

Ali: We had the opportunity available to us faster and easier in Michigan, so we started up there.

Muha: We’re definitely looking at getting more retail here in California. The timing’s perfect. To be able to bring a whole different set of branding to the new store, to be able to present to consumers is the goal and stuff we want to do.

Why the Eagle Rock area? 

Muha: They don’t have a lot of shops down there, it was a great opportunity and we hopped on it.

Anything else we should know about the opening? Muha: We’re going to have live music there, free food. We have this really good kebab chef coming to make wagyu kabobs, chicken kabobs. Besides that, a bunch of free gifts, a bunch of good deals. All the best products, BOGOs on everything. Some influencers will be there too, a couple big dawgs that have been supporting us.

Muha Meds, is positioned to become a premier legacy vape brand in the industry, has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, owned and operated by two BIPOC brothers under 30.

Muha Meds is launching its inaugural California dispensary, celebrating with an extravagant grand opening that is free and open to the public.

Early birds will receive a limited, special gift from Muha Meds, while complimentary food and champagne will be available to all attendees. The event promises party favors, live music, photo opportunities, and exciting promotions to kickstart the countdown to 420.

Special Offers: Buy One, Get One (BOGO) on Muha Meds products.

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 40% off your first purchase and 20% off your next three purchases.

WHEN: Saturday, March 30th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

WHERE: 1731 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Don’t miss the grand opening of the first Muha Meds LA location, showcasing a range of products from flower and distillate to hash rosin, live rosin, and melted diamonds.

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