April 8, 2024

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Kevin Gates continues to prove why he’s HIM.

Most recently, the Louisana rapper went viral all over the internet and social media about how snug his jeans were, which he wore for his headlining show at The Novo in Los Angeles. If that’s not enough, he went straight to the gym following the concert, working out in those same jeans and even adding a fedora/hat to the equation.

Kevin Gates recently unveiled his new album titled The Ceremony, which we had the pleasure of attending his album listening in Los Angeles. Kevin has been on tour promoting the project, which hails the fan favorite “Yonce Freestyle” featuring B.G. and Sexxy Red.


The Source had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin Gates backstage after the show to discuss what worked for him in his sobriety, his relatoinship with B.G., and how Sexxy Red landed on the song.

I met you at the Escape Room hella years ago.

I remember, but I don’t remember because I was on drugs. I was on drugs then. I was depressed, I wasn’t happy then.

I’m actually an addict. What is the #1 thing that worked for you when it came to getting sober? 

I had to be honest with myself, and it’s something that a lot of people don’t like to do. I looked in the mirror and told myself: “Kevin, you a bitch and you pussy.” Because you care about a drug more than you care about your own self, your own health, your own thoughts, your own everything. I was honest with myself, I don’t need nobody to come pat me on my ass and say, “Hey, it’s okay. The first step is admitting.” Man fuck that! I admit it to myself every time, I can’t find it.

I feel you, and I hear you say that rehab for quitters. But I don’t think a lot of people have the mental strength you do. 

I just couldn’t do it. Whenever I was withdrawing off opioids and stuff like that, I just started taking — like the old people used to take hot boiling water and put nutmeg in it. When they put nutmeg in it, they put a little bit of honey and it’ll get the withdrawals. It’ll kill all of the itching, or they’ll take water with lemon and detox themselves like that. You’re going throw up, you’re going through all that, but it’s a fight. It’s supposed to be tough for a reason, because if it ain’t rough, it ain’t us.. Adversity is what builds character.

“Yonce Freestyle” is my shit. How did that song with B.G. and Sexyy Red come about and how excited were you when B.G. got released from prison?

Me and B.G hadn’t seen each other in 13 or 14 years before he was incarcerated. Him and Boobie — I don’t know if you know Boobie, but that’s my OG. I come up under him, he taught me damn near everything I know. I hate to say this on camera, but Boobie was my babysitter when I was young. That’s what you call a person that takes care of you when you’re a kid? Yeah, my babysitter. He gon’ get mad if I say that, but he taught me a lot. He raised a lot of people in the neighborhood. Him and B.G. had a great relationship and we all know each other. We all from the same city.

How did Sexyy Red get on the song?

She knows somebody, this is before I met her. Somebody sent her the song saying that she would’ve been hard on it. I heard the verse and was like goddamn!

She killed that shit.

Yeah, she’s a monster.
Is there a video coming? You guys gotta make one.
I think I’ma try. I’ma contact my people and put something together.

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