April 18, 2024

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Lil Skies has been enthralled with music ever since he can remember, and it continues to be his saving grace.

Boasts an incredibly loyal fanbase, Lil Skies exploded onto the scene with his own unique sound, turning pain into art and fostering his own lane in the world of trap, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Putting his hometown of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania on the map, it was records such as “Lust,” “Nowadays,” “Red Roses,” and many more that secured his name as a mainstay in the music industry.

If you’re wondering where Skies has been, he’s been busy being a father to his 4-year-old son. His desire to be completely present is one we can all love and appreciate. On fatherhood, Skies states, “I like it. I enjoy it, a little bit more music probably.”


While Lil Skies blew up on the internet, he’s actually an introvert and prefers to stay off social media. His recent return arrived in the form of his new project titled Out Ur Body, spearheaded by fan favorites “CALL ME,” “DRANK TALK,” and “THOUSANDS.”

The Source spoke with Lil Skies virtually about fatherhood, the new project, love for Lil Durk and Drakeo The Ruler, and more!

What mental state were you in when you found out you were going to be a dad?

Honestly, I don’t even remember. It was just a part of my life. I’ve been taking care of people, helping out my family since I was 14. I always felt like I wanted to help my family in general so when I was having my own kid, I’m damn sure not going to leave him dry. I gotta take care of all these people, what I look like not taking care of him? He matters more than anybody, so I gotta be there for him first. He counts first, ahead of everybody fasho.

Does he fuck with your music?

Yeah. His favorite song is the song that he’s in the video. It’s called “On Sight,” he loves that song.

How’d it feel putting him in the video?

It was cool, because that’s what I wanted to show: a part of my life. Give it to the fans because it’s a big part of my life, it’s not something I’m not trying to hide. I got baby Ki tatted on my face, this shit is forreal. You need to see my son, I’m a representation of everybody. But definitely my son though. It’s who I do it for. I wouldn’t be going still if I didn’t have him, I ain’t gon’ lie.

Why’d you name the album Out Ur Body?

I just want you to listen to it and feel free, not really no expectation. When you listen to it, feel good or makes you think about something. I really wanted to have a couple performance songs, because I like performing obviously. That’s one of my favorite parts. That’s what I was on at the time. I’ve been had it done. I got so much newer music since that shit. I’ve made way more songs after that, that was just a taste .

Was that recorded in the last year, or was that older?

I don’t know how other artists are, but me, I’ll switch something out last minute. I’ll add a song. I might make a song the day before and say yo, y’all put that on. That’s what I do. I listen to it in order. This one, I ain’t trying to overthink it. I wanted to really get something out, because I know they was waiting. I really wanted to get something out for them, to hold them over in the meantime.

Do you have a favorite song on the album right now?

I got two. It’s “Running Out Of Time’ and “MISUNDERSTOOD,” those my favorites. I see people like “DRANK TALK” a lot and “CALL ME,” the first two songs. I do like them too, but “MISUNDERSTOOD” probably one of my favorites.

I was listening to “DRANK TALK,” you say rest in peace Speaker Knockerz. Did you guys have a relationship?

Nah, but I wish. Man, what? That was SoundCloud before you knew what SoundCloud was. YouTube, all that. I was a real Speaker Knockerz fan. I liked the autotune, the sound. I was on it. First song I heard, I was attached. I’m the type, I was really fascinated with music so I go do my research about artists. I really find out everything, I watch every interview about them. I really be a fan of Hip-Hop, so I went and learned shit.

I remember I interviewed Lil Tecca, I asked him his Top 5 and he mentioned Speaker Knockerz. That shit went viral.

Speaker Knockerz, a lot of people don’t give them credit. I won’t say a lot of people don’t give them credit, but sometimes I gotta keep the name [alive]. That was me giving them a shout out, respect to bro because he paved the way for a lot of this shit. Even though people realize that. I know the truth, we know the truth. Our generation knows the truth.

What was the moment you fell in love with Hip-Hop?

I don’t even know, I just always liked it. I can’t tell you, that’s what I was into as a kid. At my son’s age, that’s what I was into. He’s more of a kid. I was a kid, I had a kid lifestyle. But at the same time, I was very observant. I watched everything around me. I was very quiet, I was very shy. But in a way, I always on the low was working on music, or trying something. In my room, that’s what I did. I’d be by myself a lot. I spend a lot of time by myself, mad hours in my room. Even if the house was full, that’s just how I be. I’d be in there working on music, that’s what I did.

I was doing it for fun, posting freestyles on Facebook. I always recorded, it was something I did. I don’t know how to explain to people: when it’s your life, it’s your life. Sometimes I look back, I don’t even know what happened. It’s my life, I am this shit. When you look at me, that’s what I am. I’m the product of this shit. No bullshit. I am this shit, everything that comes with it too. It’s how this shit goes.

But I’m not one of these people that’s in it for all these wrong reasons. I don’t care about the cars, jewelry, girls. None of that shit brings me satisfaction. They don’t bring me no type of joy. I try to focus on the real shit in my life, real experiences. I’m more interactive. I’m a more in person type of guy. All this internet stuff — I came in on the internet, but then I fell back from the internet because it was for me personally. I still be on it in a way. I still post daily, so it’s cool.

For me personally,  I grew up in a traditional Asian household. It was really hard, so I was angry. Eminem was that artist that really saved me. 

Yeah, I remember when 8 Mile came out. I had the little DVD player, the one that looked like a little laptop. I put the CD in, I’d playe that shit back to back. I’d watch that shit a million times, just like Get Rich Or Die Tryin. The Tupac movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, everything. All these types of movies, I’m fascinated.

I watch them a million times over and over again. I can’t explain it. I relate to a lot of shit in a way. Some things I can relate to, some things I can’t. I try to learn too, I try not to make those mistakes too that some people make. But I’m not perfect, I’m human too.

You’re back performing. You ever crowd surfed?

Yeah, I did it my last tour. The World Rage Tour I just had, in New York. It was cool, I damn near had a panic attack or anxiety attack. Damn. [laughs] After COVID, my anxiety got 10 times worse. When I jumped in the crowd, it was cool, but I gotta get back to the stage. I couldn’t breathe, it’s too many people.

When I jump in, everybody wants to touch me and grab me. It’s cool, hey I’m smiling. But real life inside my head, ooh damn. Get me back to the stage. I love it though, it was cool. I don’t do shit like that too much, the crowd surf, because I don’t want to hurt nobody. Anytime I did jump in the crowd. I’ll tell him: alright, y’all want me to jump ? They’ll be like “yeah jump.” Alright I’ma jump.

You gotta think, them touching you probably made their entire week.

I guess, that’s crazy. I’ve never been like that with any famous person or people I’ve met. I see them do normal shit, so I know they’re a normal person. Yeah, this may look like all this, but they still be doing normal shit. People look at people like superheroes, but that’s what we do as humans right?

You never fanned out with anyone?

Nah. Because the people I really fuck with that I met, weren’t even that big. The only one I remember I didn’t want to do too much, let me make sure I’m chill, it was meeting Wiz [Khalifa]. At the same time, it was cool because he welcomed me. Just from what I’ve seen, oh this n*gga real. This shit natural to him. It was some family shit, it was cool. He made me calm my nerves like “You good bro, chill.” Alright cool, say less.

The one I really did mess with is Lil Durk. Durk real as shit, that’s why I support him. I’ve watching him for years. If people know, Durk’s been doing music. To see him finally get his flowers, that shit’s amazing. Because I looked up to him, I used to search “Lil Durk” on YouTube. I first met him, he was at Lyrical Lemonade show in Chicago. I told him exactly what I just said. Ever since then, it’s been on some natural shit. Anytime I went to Atlanta, anytime I was anywhere where he was, he made sure I was good. I was safe. He made sure whatever I needed, I was taken care of. He a real one because a lot of n*ggas don’t do that. That was real.

Even shout out Drakeo The Ruler, I fuck with boy heavy too. Long live Drakeo The Ruler. That was one of my n*ggas forreal. We FaceTimed talking about shit, it don’t even gotta be music. Bro’s a real one. Anytime I’m in LA, he fucked with me. It was cool.

How did you react when you heard what happened?

I was sick to my stomach. That shit still makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t like thinking about it. Long live PnB too. Long live my brother, I don’t even want to speak on that shit.

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