Apollo Liberace, Tyla Yaweh Team Up On ‘Paradise’ – A Breezy New Love Song Just in Time for Summer

May 8, 2024

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Singer/songwriter Apollo Liberace and rapper/singer Tyla Yaweh may have just released the perfect track for the summer. “Paradise” is a reminder that no matter how amazing or lit your life is, nothing matters unless you’re experiencing these moments with your significant other.

The alternative-leaning track is paired with a cinematic visual that was shot in East Los Angeles. With both recording artists living in Los Angeles, it was only right to bring the song to life in the place they now call home.

Apollo first got the idea for the song a few years back, eventually revisiting it while at Tyla Yaweh’s house in Bel-Air. The two immediately vibed, as both are in loving relationships with their female partners.


Speaking on the record, Apollo Liberace states, “The song is about when you have somebody, you could be at the most beautiful place in the world or the best place, but it don’t feel the same unless you’re with that special person. That’s what “Paradise” is about. Even if I’m in paradise, it don’t feel the same unless I’m with you. I’d rather be at home with you than be at the Taj Mahal or whatever the case may be. It’s about spreading love.”

Tyla Yaweh adds, “One thing I’ve been saying is I’m tired of everybody giving the same message. It’s no real message to give our next generation of people that look up to us. We’re at a point: yo, you gotta put that shit in the music. “Paradise” feels sad, but it feels happy at the same time.

Apollo Liberace and Tyla Yaweh initially met at The Mondrian on Sunset Blvd. The venue means a lot to both artists: Apollo first signed his record deal there, while Tyla’s first date with his lady Natasha Graziano was at The Mondrian.

The love both artists have for their significant others shines through on “Paradise”. Both artists feel that they couldn’t truly reach Paradise without the love of their lives. “I can’t get away from you. Paradise is miserable. Without you-ooh-ooh,” Apollo croons on the song’s hook.

While Tyla adds on the song: “I need you close just to feel so safe.Every time we argue, gotta hold my breath. Every time you leave, you gotta take two steps.”

To celebrate the single’s release, Apollo and Tyla will host an invite-only release party in West Hollywood this weekend. “It’s going to be all real people, industry people,” Apollo said.

“We’ll invite all of our friends…the people we call friends. And have a good time,” Tyla said.

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