Suga Free Turned Up The Crowd At Kushstock, The Ultimate 420 Festival In SoCal

May 12, 2024

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Kushstock’s motto is simple: by the people, for the people.

What Is Kushstock?

If you live in Southern California, this was the place to be on 4/20. Taking place in the city Adelanto just 1.5 hours outside of Los Angeles, Kushstock gave back to the cannabis community in a major way, serving as the go-to destination on this special holiday. And the best part… it was completely free!

Taking over 40 acres inside the Adelanto Event Center, Kushstock didn’t just offer a safe place for cannabis enthusiasts, they provided entertainment across all fronts. In addition to the wide array of top notch brands and vendors, attendees were able to frolic throughout the adult playground which featured live musical performances, a car show with Donutz4Dollarz, a wrestling match called Ring of Fire with Nevada Congressman Michael Boris, and even a competition judged by the VIPs of Kushstock.

Cannabis advocate Becky Moreno at Kushstock 2024 (C) Becky Moreno / Kushstock @80_ramoreno
Medicated Barbies team members Becky Moreno, Lynn Marie Parker and Amanda Marie Martinez at Kushstock (C) Lynn Marie Parker / Kushstock @misslynndabs

Medicated Barbies VIP Room At Kushstock: A 420 Garden Of Cannabis Delights

For $100 per ticket, VIP ticket holders had access to the Medicated Barbies VIP room, which was a vibe in itself. Brands such as Lidavel were able to debut their new product The Box, which is the world’s first electronically cooled smoking device, getting the flower or concentrate cold within minutes. Enchanted Kush was also present, featuring their 5 gram cannagar of condensed flower, wrapped in all hemp and no tobacco.

Medicated Barbies stated, “We get together to celebrate 4/20 because it’s like the birthday party that you didn’t get invited to, but everybody’s invited to. We’re all welcome here. We’re all family. It’s really nice to be part of the culture. It’s really nice to experience the music acts, the car show everybody who’s enjoying VIP. I really appreciate all the support. I appreciate you being here. Kushstock is really for the people, by the people. It’s always going to be free, anyone can come in. I did not expect that.”

Lynn Marie Parker with a Kushstock superhero (C) Lynn Marie Parker / Kushstock @misslynndabs

Kushstock Founder Dr. K On Giving Back To Adelanto, California

Kushstock first came into fruition in 2016 when weed was still medical, meaning it was literally plant medicine for everybody. Taking place twice a year, this specific Kushstock drew in over 13K people from all over the world, with folks even flying in from Indonesia, Paris and Amsterdam.

Dr. K, the founder of Kushstock, said, “Kushstock’s always for the people, by the people. It will always be free. This time, we have Raw papers here. Josh [Kesselman] from Raw came on stage with us, with a seven pound joint that was legally consumed in the state of California. That’s what we’re really proud about here at Kushstock, is that we’re legally allowed to do consumption and sales. We appreciate everybody that comes here.”

In fact, Kushstock raised over $300K in taxes for the city of Adelanto, with $100K in legal taxes going back to the city of Adelanto for schools and roads. What they do for the community goes beyond just celebrating 4/20, even employing over 100 people locally for this specific event. Even the mayor of Adelanto, Gabriel Reyes, was present!

Rapper Suga Free Headlined Kushstock

The highlight of the evening definitely arrived when legendary rapper Suga Free took the mainstage, delivering a performance for the books. He even had his whole family with him, pulling up in a purple lowrider as fans quickly flocked. The best part was Suga Free was engaging with everyone he walked by, showing love no matter who you were.

Dr. K added, “The people support us and that’s the thing. We do it for the people and we always have.”

For more information, visit kushstock.life.

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