Grön: The Women-Owned “Mother Of All Edibles” Company Launches 30mg Sugar-Coated Pearls

May 15, 2024

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What Is Grön? Handcrafted Cannabis Treats Known As “The Mother Of All Edibles”

These handcrafted, cannabis-infused gummies taste just as good as they look, taking the shape of perfectly shaped pearls glistening with sugar crystals. The women-owned, women-led company take pride in their products, which are all made with real fruit and infused with the highest-quality cannabis extract.

For long-time supporters of the brand, they probably fell in love with the original 10mg Sugar-Coated Pearls, which became an instant staple in Grön’s product line. Each gummy is formulated with cannabinoid ratios of CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, giving consumers the best experience possible no matter the occasion.

Grön Launches 30mg Sugar-Coated Pearls

Now, Grön has introduced their latest innovation: 30mg Sugar-Coated Pearls, created intentionally to target the diverse range of tolerance levels of consumers within the cannabis industry. Totaling to 300mg THC per box, flavors are available in Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon.

The company recently expanded its offerings to New York, starting with launches in the licensed retailers Strain StarsThe Travel Agency, and Curaleaf Hudson Valley. At MARY Magazine’s MARY Fest on 420, Grön was a featured brand partner with a popular booth that introduced consumers to the wonderful world of edibles.

Grön founder Christine Smith (C) Grön

Grön Founder Christine Smith On The Origins Of The Brand, Sugar-Coated Pearls, And Longevity In The Cannabis Industry

Honeysuckle spoke with Christine Smith, the CEO and founder of Grön, to discuss her background and what it means for Grön to be such a reputable name in the cannabis space.

SHIRLEY JU: Tell me about your background. How did you get started in the cannabis space?

CHRISTINE SMITH: I started my career in 1999 as a licensed architect, working and shaping spaces in Oregon. While continuing my career, I tried cannabis for the first time at age 39, and I quickly saw the benefits it provides me and others. I eventually began to experiment with chocolate and cannabis as a side hobby, all while still practicing architecture and being a new mom. With the help of my au pair, we would trade off taking care of the baby and wrapping chocolate bars in my basement to be delivered to local dispensaries. It started to take off from there, and in 2014 I left my career in architecture to start Grön.

What does cannabis do for you?

Cannabis gives me the freedom to detach from my mind and be my best self. I use cannabis to help me sleep better, ease my anxiety, calm my mind, and re-focus.

When did you get the idea for Grön, and what’s the meaning behind the name? 

I started to think my little cannabis chocolate company could take off when the local dispensaries we were delivering them to absolutely loved them and saw the same potential I did. At the time, Oregon was also on the cusp of legalization, and I saw so much opportunity to enter the space from the get-go. I felt the stars aligned for me, and I jumped headfirst into this company!

The name Grön means “Green” in Swedish, and is a tie to my past career and the time I spent in Denmark studying architecture during college. It is pronounced with a double “o” sound, “groon.”

What is it about Grön that people love? 

People love our products, the different formulations we offer, and the way our products make them feel. Grön prides itself on product innovation, and we infuse our products with many cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD, alongside THC to provide a unique and euphoric experience. Our goal is to provide a consistent product and experience to every type of consumer, leaving them to come back to Grön every time.

You recently launched the 30-milligram Sugar-Coated Pearls in Missouri. What was the process behind that and what’re you most excited for?

We are super excited about the 30-milligram Sugar-Coated Pearls launch because this is truly a consumer-driven product. Through visits to Missouri, we saw and heard that our medical patients were pushing for a product with higher milligrams. Not only do the higher dose products provide great value and taste amazing, but it shows how quickly Grön takes feedback from patients and consumers and turns it into a product.

What’s it like being a women-owned brand in cannabis, particularly one with the longevity of Grön?

I feel honored to be a woman-owned brand in the cannabis industry. Like other industries, it is predominantly a male-run business, but I love to see other powerhouse women at the forefront of their company leading the force. As a mother, I always say that I treat Grön like it’s one of my children, and we have built a “mother of all edibles” mantra. My goal is to extend an open arm to all consumers, and for our employees to grow and flourish as individuals. We are also strictly an edible company, and we are not going to stray away from that. I want to be the best at what we do in our category.

How important is representation in the cannabis industry?

Representation is extremely important, within cannabis and outside of it. Having a group of individuals from various backgrounds or careers brings different perspectives, thoughts, outlooks, and ideas.

What can we expect from the launch of Grön in NYC?

So much! We are so excited to showcase Grön on a national platform. Make sure to keep your eye out for a ton of brand activations, and potentially exclusive product launches. Our goal is to touch a wide range of consumers and New York is the best city to do it in.

For more about Grön, visit eatgron.com.

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