Luke James Names His R&B Mount Rushmore & Teases “The Chi” Season 6

May 27, 2024

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Luke & Q singer Luke James is in his acting bag.

James is most recognized from his standout role on SHOWTIME’s The Chi, which returned for its sixth season on May 10, and he might be on a few R&B playlists. Either way, Luke James’ talents speak volumes — not only about his passion but also the dedication to his craft.

The New Orleans native is currently celebrating his newest role, THEM: THE SCARE, on Amazon Music. The new series arrive on the heels of their first installment, subtitled Covenant, which took place circa 1952.

AllHipHop had the pleasure of chatting on the red carpet with Luke James, who was all smiles. James recently became a father to nine-month-old Wolfe and couldn’t wait to get back home. 

AllHipHop: What’s the best part about fatherhood?


Luke James: Being present. I really feel present right now and in time, and really understanding what time really means. The value.

AllHipHop: How old is Wolfe?

Luke James: Nine months.

AllHipHop: They grow so fast. 

Luke James: So fast, oh my gosh. That’s why I’m trying to hurry and get to the crib. You know? It’s a new day.

AllHipHop: Does he know that daddy is a star?

Luke James: I don’t know.  But he looks at me like one, so that means everything.

AllHipHop: Can you give us an exclusive sneak peek on the new season of The Chi

Luke James: Whoa, exclusive? Things are gonna really get shaky with Victor trying to play two worlds. Playing two worlds, it’s going to get really shaky.

AllHipHop: Who would be in your R&B Mount Rushmore?

Luke James: What time period? Marvin Gaye…

AllHipHop: Today. 

Luke James: Mount Rushmore: Joe, Babyface, Boys II Men. Oh wow, it’s a lot of them. Tank.

AllHipHop: You gotta do the R&B Money podcast!

Luke James: Yeah I want to. But Tank is someone I grew up listening to, became my brother and is still here. You gotta look, and is still relevant like hell. It’s hard to do that as a Black artist, we age out. He’s forever. That’s Mount Rushmore.

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