Rising Rapper NASAAN Talks “Goated” Being Played During The NBA Playoffs

June 4, 2024

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NASAAN is the true definition of an artist, someone who cares about his craft and will do whatever it takes to drive the point home.

In fact, the Detroit native has been wearing the same outfit — a white dress shirt, black tie, and beige cardigan — every single day as he’s in Los Angeles promoting his new music.

NASAAN is the son of the late rapper Proof from D12, but he actually didn’t want to rap until recently. Now, he’s ready to take the rap game by storm, even directing and editing his own music videos. These visuals have gotten praise from icons such as Eminem and Busta Rhymes, as NASAAN continues to bless his growing fanbase with nothing but heat.

Now, NASAAN is excited as ever to unleash his new project titled ERROR 404. Inspired directly by his childhood home growing up in Atlanta, the project is spearheaded by lead singles “Devil To Atlanta,” “Goated” featuring Royce Da 5’9,” and “CULLINAN GANG” featuring Icewaer Vezzo.

Sheen caught up with NASAAN in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his song being featured in the NBA playoffs, studio essentials, goals, and more!


For those who don’t know, who is NASAAN?

This question is the hardest one to answer. I’m super creative, I feel like I’m a creative genius. I’m a renaissance man, without the credit yet. Super eclectic artist. The word “artist” or “rapper” doesn’t do me justice. I do so many things.


What else do you do? 

I edit and direct all my own videos. I produce, I engineer if need be. I have my hands on so many different things as far as my career.


How would you describe your sound?

As of now, obnoxious. Just wild. Wild, obnoxious. There’s moments of introspectiveness. Is that a word? I pride myself on trying to have fun, but still make stuff purposeful.



“Goated” was played during the NBA Playoffs, congrats! How hyped were you?

Super. It was a super full circle moment too for me seeing it in the playoffs because I had made that song in the same bedroom that I watched it. People were hitting me up the other day saying it was playing during UFC too. I’m super stoked, that’s super fire.



And you used to hoop!

Yeah exactly, it’s like wow. I didn’t get to make it to the NBA, but my music did.


That’s legendary. How’d that happen?

Man, just a wonderful team.


Best memory from the “Goated” music video?

Oh man, I don’t even remember shooting that video forreal. I was so stressed out. Because again, I’m directing things. I want things to go right. I’m anxious as hell too, I’m a person who overthinks. I guess I’m somewhat of a…



I’m a perfectionist too. I think I’m a realist, but my friends think I’m pessimistic. I’ll be like man, I don’t think it’s gonna go right. I don’t think this is gonna go. I really do want to make sure everything is going to go right. But the video was a lot of fun though, outside of me pulling my own hair out.



3 things you need in the studio at all times?

Nobody there. Two, I need either some Cheez-Its or Gushers. Or both, which is weird as fuck.

Three, this is stupid because it’s always gonna be there, but a chair. I hate recording standing up. I have to sit down every time I record.




How would you describe your fashion sense? I see you putting it together. 

Thank you. If I had to describe it, I can’t think of any other word other than intentional right now. This to me is more than expression, because fashion is expression. This is me playing into this character that I’m building this world around for this project. I wear this shit every fucking day and I’m getting annoyed of wearing it everyday.


The same outfit?

Yeah. [laughs] I love it though, and it’s intentional. It’s me being creative and artsy and weird as fuck.


Any goals for yourself at this point in your career?

I just want to continue to grow. As of recently, I kind of want a super big record. I want to see what that would do. I’ve experienced everything except that, that I wanted to experience. I want a super big record to see how much that changes things, and what that does.


Anything else we should know?

Yes, Error 404 comes out on May 31st. Please get that. I’m tired of wearing his fucking outfit, so please stream it. So I can make more music. [laughs]


You got duplicates, or you wear the same shit?

I got a few different cardigans, but I only wear this cardigan. Then I got dress shirts and shit.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros Music

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