Psilouette Hosts Psychedelic-Integrated Movement And Meditation Workshop In Downtown Los Angeles

June 8, 2024

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It’s important to prioritize your mental health every single day of the year. Beyond mindful practices such as meditation and yoga, it’s actually scientifically proven that psychedelics can improve your mental health and overall well-being.

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Psilouette Hosts Psychedelic-Integrated Workshop In Los Angeles

On Saturday, May 18th, in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month, Psilouette hosted a psychedelic-integrated movement and meditation workshop located in their studio in downtown Los Angeles. Psilouette is an entheogenic wellness company that offers products personalized to the consumer and their specific needs, helping them overcome the most persistent mental and emotional health disorders. Using a combination of education, guidance, and access to ancient remedies and practices, Psilouette prides themselves in helping customers reduce health symptoms while promoting a fulfilling life filled with purpose.

Taking place at 2pm in the afternoon on a beautiful day, the intimate event arrived in the form of a workshop, welcoming guests to microdose to fully experience the benefits of meditation and movement paired with psychedelics. Upon arrival, you were welcomed with a wide array of Psilouette and FLORA & BAST products, whether it was cannabis or mushroom gummies, or even shroom tea.

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Dr. Bianca Hur (C) Bianca Hur / hurpsyche.com

Psilouette’s Dr. Bianca Hur Talks Psychedelics, Trauma, And Mind-Body Connections

Dr. Bianca Hur, a licensed psychologist and certified yoga instructor, started by offering an educational lecture on the roots of psychedelics, which started thousands of years ago in the indigenous cultures as a form of healing. In fact, mental and physical illnesses go hand in hand, which is why psychedelics are making a comeback now more than ever.

Dr. Hur works with Psilouette in a few different avenues, including providing  macro and microdosing assistance. She states, “With trauma, it becomes stored in the body. So just talk therapy usually isn’t enough to get through to the components of the trauma being stored in the body. Especially [PTSD psychiatric expert] Bessel van der kolk, [who] talks about how trauma gets stored in the body, and yoga has been shown to release a lot of those things naturally. With the components of yoga as a definite healing modality and psychedelics as another modality of intense healing and release, the coming together of the two along with the sound bath and the breathwork, which help to induce a sense of inner peace, release, relaxation — that part of it helps with the overall healing.”

She continues, “It’s multifaceted. It’s mind, body and soul. It’s connection, the integration and community. It’s so many things that make this a healing environment. We’re hoping to make a community out of it. Studies have shown the mixing of yoga and microdosing opens the mind, becoming more aware of the body and being able to connect those.”

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From Microdosing To Movement And Meditation: What Was The Psilouette Experience Like?

After the educational portion, we were invited to take our microdose of choice. Shortly after, we followed Hur’s lead in both movement and yoga, showcasing how these exercises can improve emotional regulation and help release anxiety, tension, and bodily memories of past trauma. A soothing sound bath meditation arrived as well, courtesy of certified energy/sound healer and Reiki master Sophie Ramiando of Les Bols Chantent Sound Healing.

Psilouette and FLORA & BAST founder Derek Chase (C) FLORA & BAST

What Is Psilouette Founder Derek Chase Saying About The Psychedelic-Integrated Workshop?

The founder of Psilouette and FLORA & BAST, Derek Chase, was present to welcome guests, also participating in the class.

“This class today was our first foray into an organized, mid-range dose introduction to psychedelics and movement and meditation,” Chase states. “A lot of people like to take psychedelics, but don’t have a context from which to move through therapeutically. This is really about providing a therapeutic context so that you can take any drug or no drug, and work through your intention to have what we would hope to be a mental health outcome or mental health.”

All in all, the entire experience was one for the books. The pairing of microdosing along with movement and meditation allows you to truly dig deep into your own mind, body, and soul, channeling the innermost part of you while simultaneously healing trauma.

This class served as the first of many, and we encourage anyone who’s in the area to go experience it for themselves!

For more information about Psilouette, visit psilouette.com.

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