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VENNA Unveils “Echo”

VENNA is the new vision of Edmonton-based indie alt-pop artist, Shay Esposito. Today, she unveils her new single titled “Echo,” an exploration of the tip into obsession, the reckless romanticization of an oppressive dynamic, and the underlying sadness that often drives it. Listen below!…

May 26, 2022

Taylor Lawson Is ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ In Debut EP

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Taylor Lawson is a singer-songwriter has been involved in music since birth. Now, she unveils her debut EP titled Emotionally Unavailable, dropping it the same day she received her Master’s at Morehouse School of Medicine. Listen below!  …

May 22, 2022

KIIA Taps Ellevan In “Oneness”

KIIA is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter whose music has garnered over 2 million hits worldwide. Now, he taps record-setting rapper Ellevan to release their newest single titled “Oneness.” Listen below!…

May 9, 2022

Akash Ahuja Unveils “Priyanka”

Based in New York, Akash Ahuja is an Indian recording artist, best known for seamlessly fusing modern pop and hip-hop with classical Indian sounds to mold a sound all his own. Now, he returns to unveil his newest single titled “Priyanka,” inspired by a…

May 2, 2022

Hawkns Unveil New Single “Head and Heart”

Hailing from Connecticut, Hawkns is an Indie Pop Rock band who has gained huge momentum out of the gate with their debut single “Lights Off” reaching over 115,000+ streams on Spotify. After releasing their bop “Sober” they now return with their new single titled “Head…

April 29, 2022

James Gardin Unveils “Trophies”

Hailing from Michigan, rapper and producer James Gardin releases his first single of 2022 titled “Trophies,” a triumphant, energetic anthem with blaring horns to get you through the last few minutes of your workout or to give you extra courage to ask for that…

April 27, 2022

Emma Beko Unveils ‘Digital Damage’ EP

Emma Beko returns with her new EP titled Digital Damage, the first half of an album split in two where the second part will be released early autumn. The 6-song project features meld alternative rap and the essence of grunge music perfectly, all under…

April 25, 2022

EMINZADA Debuts “Beautiful Long Hair”

Combining contemporary alternative pop with Middle Eastern elements, multi-dimensional artist EMINZADA debuts his new single titled “Beautiful Long Hair,” exploring the desire for people with beautiful long hair and the seemingly unequivocal confidence that appears to come with it. Listen below!…

April 21, 2022

Pan Amsterdam Unveils “Rigatoni”

Rapper, jazz trumpeter, and artist extraordinaire Pan Amsterdam unleashes his newest single titled “Rigatoni,” teasing fans as they await his forthcoming album. Listen below!…

April 19, 2022