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Korean Film ‘Parasite’ Blew My Fucking Mind

Sunday, December 1st Honestly to be completely frank, I cried for a whole hour today. This car accident and fractured wrist has me so down and broken, it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It took me 30…

December 2, 2019

‘Late Night’ w/ Mindy Kalin Has Many Life Messages

Sunday, June 16th happy father’s day. happy tupac day. — Shirley Ju (@shirju) June 16, 2019 Happy Father’s Day. Happy Tupac day. Family is literally all you have in life. I’m so fucking grateful for my brother. Dunno what I’d do without him.…

June 16, 2019

Ralph Breaks The Internet Is So Worth Seeing In Theaters

Sunday, December 30th The last days of 2018 are so heavy. I had a really rough night & was finding every excuse to cry and be sad. Woke up & went straight to my agenda. Was working when I realized I had completely forgotten…

December 30, 2018