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‘Genimi Man’ Starring Will Smith Was Fucking Trash

Sunday, October 13th Happy Sunday. I’m here in Los Angeles when I should be in Tokyo 🙁 I’m still so shook this happened. Was slated to go Saturday through Wednesday & woke up to news that all flights out to Japan were cancelled due…

October 13, 2019

Slidin’ Thru: Raiche

Read the full interview on! At 23, Raiche is already living out her wildest dreams. While her journey into the music industry and signing to Atlantic Records may have come as God’s willing, she upholds her end of the bargain by putting in the time,…

July 12, 2019

Slidin’ Thru: Xavier Wulf

Read the full interview on! Xavier Wulf is one of the most lit artists I’ve ever seen perform, and I’ve been to enough concerts to last a lifetime. Hailing from Memphis, the rapper formerly known as Ethelwulf proves he can bring that same…

September 11, 2018