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Meet Viandra: Musician, CEO, Entrepreneur, Actress, and Model All In One

Read the full interview on! Viandra is here to inspire women all around the world that they can be a boss babe, just like herself. With her debut single “Nasty,” Viandra immediately demanded attention, standing for all things female empowerment, confidence, and knowing your…

November 16, 2022

Slidin’ Thru: ZaeHD & CEO

Read the full interview on! There are many incredible rap groups to date, one being Migos as a rap trio. But on the duo side of things, ZaeHD and CEO are the new kids in town. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, the 20 and 19-year-old respectively actually…

July 3, 2019

Future Is The Reason ZaeHD & CEO Started Making Music

Read the full interview on! The Little Rock based rappers explain how touring with Future set off their careers. ZaeHD and CEO describes themselves as the best duo of all time — period. While they can respect the legacy of Outkast, they are…

June 3, 2019