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Soulja Boy Throws Epic Birthday Bash In Los Angeles

Read the full recap on! Soulja Boy will forever go down in history as one of the GOATS of the rap game. With endless achievements to his name, from being the first rapper to wear Bape to inventing FaceTime (via “Kiss Me Thru…

July 29, 2021


Read the full interview on! CADE continues to unleash feelgood vibes for the summer. This time, the singer, songwriter, and producer delivered a brand new single titled “Home To You,” featuring Desiigner. The 22-year-old hails from Tampa, Florida, but currently resides tucked away…

June 17, 2019

Slidin’ Thru: AK

Read the full interview on! AK might be hip-hop’s best-kept secret, which is every reason why he’s grinding his ass off to break through from beneath the underground. Hailing from New Jersey, real name Austin Kassabian went after his dreams and turned them into…

May 20, 2019

AK Says Hopsin Is The Reason He Started Rapping

Read the full interview on! AllHipHop caught up with AK to discuss his love for hip-hop, influence from Hopsin, and Sway’s reaction to his email. Similar like the gun, AK is here to spit heat into the rap game. AK also stands for…

April 30, 2019

Slidin’ Thru: DAX

Read the full interview on! DAX is far beyond your average rapper, he’s a poet and motivational enthusiast. Hailing from Canada but now residing in Los Angeles, real name Daniel Nwosu Jr. has organically built a social media presence and platform aimed to…

August 23, 2018