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The Farmers Cup: California’s Largest Edibles Only Competition

Read the full article on! Who loves edibles?! We do. With the cannabis industry continuing to find new, innovative ways to get high without smoking the product, more than ever are edibles being appreciated. What started out as just THC-infused brownies has now…

April 8, 2022


Read the full interview on! Lyrica Anderson has been killing it for a decade, who’s bubbly, sweet personality arrives equipped with one hell of a voice. The singer-songwriter is a Los Angeles native (specifically Santa Clarita) with a lot to say, inspired by…

May 18, 2020

What Won’t ShirJu Do? Edibles.

Read the full article on! Being a stoner and not being able to consume edibles feels wrong. It’s always interesting to hear about all the new products adding to the variety of ways to medicate. You have weed, edibles, dabbing, CBD pills — the…

June 26, 2018

Q&A: Bana Bongolan Brings Fashion Sensibilities to Edibles

Read the full interview on! Imagine shopping for designer clothes, that satiating feeling of purchasing something of top-notch, high-end quality. Now apply that same concept to marijuana edibles. Everyone can shop at H&M, but sometimes, you treat yourself to some Gucci. This is…

June 6, 2018