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JES B Is Here To Put On For Dade City, Florida

Read the full interview on! JES B is here to put his city of Dade City, Florida, on the map. The East Coast rapper prides himself in creating good, fun, positive music. His newest song and visual for “Go Dumb” is a testament to…

January 25, 2024

How MF DOOM Influenced Pusha Preme’s Artistry

Read the full interview on! Pusha Preme is here to put Tampa, Florida on the map. Being a first generation African from Sierra Leone, the rising star combines his profound love of Hip-Hop and R&B with Afrobeats, creating a sound that separates himself from…

January 16, 2024

Panama City Rapper Benji Kush Refuses To Be Put In A Box

Read the full interview on! Benji Kush is in his own lane, on his own time. On his standout single “Paranoid,” the rising star opens the track spitting “The f### is you talking ‘bout? While you run your mouth, I’ma steady keep stacking up.…

August 27, 2021