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‘NOPE’ Was Not Worth Seeing In Theaters

Sunday, July 24th Okay, NO shade to Jordan Peele. Greatness is greatness!!! He’s a LEGEND, but NOPE was not it. Especially if you’re not into aliens, like me. I legit hate aliens, sci-fi, ghosts… all that. And this movie is deadass all about a fucking…

July 25, 2022

‘Lightyear’ Was Absolutely Adorable!

Saturday, July 2nd You guys!!! I haven’t been to the movies in so so long. I’m so hyped. Last night was perfect. I really gotta start taking time to do things I enjoy, because work continues to plague my life. Shout out to Corey…

July 2, 2022

Singer-Writer-Actor Keke Palmer Is Big Pimpin’ in Breakout Role

Read the full interview on! Whether it’s acting, music, writing books or being an overall boss babe, Keke Palmer is a role model for aspiring female creatives with a dream. The Chicago native known for R&B hits like “Bossy” and “The First Crush” made her…

November 9, 2018